The founder and president of Friends of Rivers and Water Bodies, Nana Dwomoh-Sarpong, has said by the time the world population hits 9 billion, there would not be enough water to serve people living on the earth.

According to him, there has been massive destruction of rivers and water bodies by human activities across the world, a situation which poses a severe threat to the survival of humans and animals on the planet.

Speaking in an interview with Valentina Ofori-Afriyie on Class 91.3FM’s 505 programme on Wednesday 22 March, a day set aside by the United Nations to mark World Water Day, Mr Dwomoh-Sarpong said: “This is something more than serious because water is life, it is not a commodity. People think water is a commodity and that is why somebody would say we will import. It is life and we can’t import life.

“There will be water shortages by the year when the world population hits 9 billion. There won’t be enough water for us to drink, to farm, to wash, for proper sanitation, for agricultural or industrial purposes and for building houses; there won’t be enough water. That is why since 1993, the world decided that a day like this would be used to remind people of the importance of water and how if we don’t protect it, it will be finished.

“Water is a miracle. In the water cycle, when God brings you water and you don’t store it, he takes it back. He takes it back by evaporation, and so if you don’t protect water it goes back to where it came from. We need to change our attitudes towards water.”

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