Security analyst Nana Owusu Sekyere has advised the Ghana Police Service to extend the time frame within which they scrutinise documents of recruits to at least six months to enable them do proper background checks on them.

His counsel comes on the back of the dismissal of 41 police trainees from the police training schools for allegedly using fake certificates to get recruited into the Service.

Speaking on 505 on Class91.3FM on Wednesday 22 March, Nana Owusu Sekyere said no institution or process could be said to be absolutely foolproof, but a change in the recruitment process could help minimise the excesses of miscreants bypassing the system to get recruited.

“We will not be able to securitise that process for the fact that we all know that nothing or no organisation or process is security proof. Our challenge, however, is what can we do to mitigate or what can we do to prevent these people who get into police institutions with forged documents or with falsified documentation? That is where we have a challenge,” he stated.

“What I’m saying is, we can only do that if we can change the process. We can reform the process. For example, why can we not, that is, if we know in hindsight that we are expecting, let’s say 1000 personnel to join the police institution, why can we not ask them to submit their documents, let’s say, six months before December so we are looking at some timeline like June? Then use that period to actually go through their documentation to be able to see who qualifies and who does not qualify and for that matter who is carrying fictitious documentation.”

In his view “when we reform the process that way, it would give us time to go through their documentation and we can minimise the excesses and of course minimise the miscreants that we find in our police institutions”.

“So that is one way we can look at it, that is if we hope to reduce such incidences in our security agencies,” he added.

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