Closing down GSSM wrong10:15, 11.May 2017
What does the 1992 constitution states about all levels of education in Ghana? I would like to start from Article 25(1) of the 1992 constitution which states: "All persons shall have equal educational opportunities and facilities and with the view of achieving a full realisation of that right."

And I ask, is GSSM a shrine to be disassociated from the above stipulated article in the constitution?

Again, Article 25(1)e of the same constitution states: "The development of a system of schools with adequate facilities at all levels shall be pursued."

And I ask again: is that what we are seeing in the mint to closing Ghana School of Survey and Mapping (GSSM)? Ghanaian leaders never cease to amaze me. The last time was land guards attacking my brothers on that same campus, and today it’s the government through the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources calling for the closure of this institution that has been in existence since 1921.

In fact, it’s my first time ever hearing these sorts of unjustifiable cataclysmic attacks on my brothers at Ghana School of Surveyors and Mapping (GSSM) since 1921 that the school was established. I can now see the reason for which the past governments paid less/no attention to this particular institution that was established to train people about technical ways to survey and map our lands.

One would have thought that, perhaps, today's government would do something different in the merriment of our fellow students in that particular institution, but no, we are witnessing something very worse yielding to the closure of this particular school.

Indeed, Ghana is becoming the funniest village ever situated on this planet. Yes, I'm saying this without any shred of equivocation because our leaders have never been sensitive to the plights of we the next generations. Maybe, I should be optimistic in the current government that something better would come up from Nazareth after a series of agitations NOT to close this particular institution.

That means to say that I'm praying the current President and his able outfit would not go on those same erroneous tangents by past governments who have driven Ghana backwards for decades.

I got pissed off yesterday, I'm so pissed today, and may get pissed off tomorrow, because situations in the country keep getting worse each day. Where are the laws protecting our students and institutions in the country? I'm by this medium calling on the government to shut off any movement or whatsoever to bring GSSM to a closure.

On the other hand, I call on the school administrators and GSSM students on that campus to use all available mediums to resist such an erroneous attempt by the government through the minister to bring GSSM into a final closure. That means to say that "Yɛnnte aseɛ" attitudes should be at a pace to safeguard the school we are talking about here.

God bless us all.

By: Sammy Adjei

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