The DCE nominee of the Ada East district was massively rejected by assembly members on Monday, May 15, 2017.

The nominee, who happens to be the wife of the 1st vice chairman of the opposition NDC in the constituency, polled 13 votes in her favour from the total of 36 votes, cast representing 36.1%, with 23 voting against her, representing 63.9%.

Speaking to some of the people who did witness the election process, they said the defeat of the nominee was staring at her from the moment she was nominated over the likes of Mr Kanor Senakey (the NPP MP candidate 2016), Mr Sewu John (the constituency chair), Frank Norteye Adumuah (the person tipped by the people and the assembly members in the district to be the DCE), and other aspirants.

The defeat of the nominee is a great shock only to the people of the opposition NDC in the district. Some of them said the nomination of Sarah Pobee was very good news to them. It was their optimism that Sarah, being the wife of their 1st vice chairman, would be confirmed by the assembly members because they (the NDC) have majority of 24 out of 27 elected members in the assembly.

But the question is, why would the opposition support Sarah so much other than her being the wife of the 1st Vice Chair of the NDC? Reasons gathered include:

1. For the nominee to come and put to rest the open secret investigation ongoing by Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) over alleged misappropriation and mismanagement of funds by their government in the Assembly when they were in power under the then DCEs, Daniel Wussah and John Ahortu.

2. Since the NPP vehemently opposed the immediate past NDC DCE for lack of the requisite experience and administrative skills, they (NDC) were happy and were doing all they could to confirm a person whose experience and administrative skills were far below what the NPP opposed, with the “elite” tag on themselves. This is meant to be used against the NPP during the next elections.

The NDC also were surprised by the nominee's rejection as they claim the assembly members "disrespected and disobeyed the Member of Parliament, Honourable Comfort Doyoe Ghansah and voted against her wish despite the resources pumped into the process".

Speaking with majority of the assembly members after the election, they said the rejection of the nominee should not be a surprise to anyone and the president, rather, a good news since the development of the district in all terms is what advised their decision.

They added by saying that if they were to be partisan in confirming the nominee by putting aside competence, merit and commitment, they would have given the nominee a 100 per cent endorsement.

One of them on anonymity said: "We want a strong hand and voice to lead us. We want to have a DCE who'll be on top of issues and not be easily influenced by some selfish few. We want a leader who, irrespective of party colours, will put the development of Ada East first, and we have made this clear on several occasions but when the nominations came out, this is what we have. Thank God we have the power to say yes or no, like it will be another disastrous dawn for Ada East." When asked who the preferred candidate is, the assembly member again said: "I don't know why this question will be asked by this time. From day one, we were clear on our choice, and we expected Frank Adumuah to come lead us."

Asking other honourable members to give us some of the reasons for her rejection and the person they are looking for to be nominated, they said they were honourable members and would not go much into that. However, what they generally said was that:

➢ A candidate that would not be influenced by the MP and the technocrats adversely as it happened in the previous administration

➢ A candidate that has better administrative and managerial skills and can manage the administrative functions of the district as enshrined in article 243 of the constitution

➢ A candidate with working experience who can liaise with others for developmental projects in the district, e.g., One District One Factory project

➢ A candidate who is very smart and intelligent and can help champion the developmental agenda in the district and many other qualities that a leader must have.

They, therefore, plead with the president to appoint a different person, a person of their choice per the provisions in the constitution. "We will patiently wait for the best, but Mr President, don't disrespect us by giving us a sub-standard nominee,” one quickly added.

By: Seth Okai

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