Nursing mothers have been encouraged to inculcate breastfeeding in child survival programmes as Ghana rolls out a week-long breastfeeding campaign.

The week is set aside to draw attention to the importance and benefits of breastfeeding in an effort to promote proper child growth and nutrition.

Breastfeeding is said to aid the survival of infants with associated long term health benefits for mothers.

The week long observance initially slated for the first week in August will commence today, Monday 7 August, 2017.

The National Coordinator for the Breastfeeding Programme, Ms Eunice Sackey, speaking to Class News ahead of the celebration, said: “Because breastfeeding is one of the child survivor strategies it’s a very popular and a well-known practice. Breastfeeding alone does a lot for the baby, the mother who is breastfeeding, the community and the country as a whole, so it is something we hold in high esteem and we try to make sure it does not go out of people’s minds.

“Something as common as breastfeeding can save a child’s life especially when you are able to do it exclusively for the first six months and then afterwards you add other complementary foods. …So every year, we use this week as a week for advocacy and create awareness and remind people about the benefit of breastfeeding.”

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