The Usher brigade is growing strong in light of his recent STD scandal, with The Game being the newest celeb to speak out in his defense. The veteran rapper apparently has one concise message for those who have swiftly persecuted the famed R&B singer: "Get off his nuts."

On Tuesday (Aug. 8), TMZ caught up with the Compton native, who shared his thoughts on everything from Usher's STD saga to Blac Chyna's rumored rap career. "Most of the people out here talking s**t [...] they got herpes too," he confidently told the publication.

"I ain't saying Usher got this or he got that. But, get off his nuts, literally," he continued.

Shifting gears a bit, the "100" rapper kept it all the way real about Boosie Badazz's illicit birthday gift for his teenage son. "You can't tell nobody how to take care of their kids, man," he explained. "If he wasn't there for his kid, then you'd have something to say about that. But when he's making a joke on his Instagram page about his son, what is everyone else worried about [...]?"

"People need to stop worrying about everyone else and start focusing on themselves," he concluded.

Game also didn't hesitate to show his support for Blac Chyna's aspiring rap career, saying "People will do anything if they put their mind to it." Could a possible collaboration be in the works between the two?



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