Dr Vladimir Antwi-Danso, Director of Academic Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, has said it is wrong to declare Dr Kwame Nkrumah as the Founder of Ghana.

According to him, there were several people who played key roles during the struggle for independence, therefore, those individuals must be acknowledged.

Wading into the Founders Day debate in an interview with journalists on Thursday August 10, Dr Antwi Danso said: “We all came from one womb, that is the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) that has nothing to do with today’s NPP or the NDC, we all came from the UGCC.

“UGCC was the watershed of the last stretch of our independence struggle. It is not a tradition of any of the political parties in Ghana. We all came from that womb and can’t we just accept this history?”

He added: “I’m an Nkrumahist and he (Nkrumah) wouldn’t even have been happy with what we are doing. I always say that Nkrumah was the arrow head, and now get me any arrow without the stick and the head. Danquah mooted the debate of calling Ghana Ghana when we got independence. Whys is this not in our history?

“He talked about the building of the University of Ghana and so is that a bad man? He seconded the motion of destiny when Nkrumah had moved the motion for independence and noted the day he wanted independence, if Danquah hadn’t seconded it, the British wouldn’t have given us independence. Why don’t we have this in our history books?

“There cannot be one founder of Ghana, no, I won’t accept that and so Founder’s Day must be Founders’ Day. Don’t you think that is more unifying and one that brings us together? There are several people who played a big role like Paa Grant, but for his money there would have been no Ghana.”



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