By: Kwame Dwomoh-Agyeman


The situation would provide an overview of the GFA by addressing internal and external factors impacting the FA’s business.


Strange how the FA have succeeded in contracting six huge brands in the last 20 years to be headline sponsors but how virtually none of them lasted the entire duration of their contract. Remember them ABC, KINAPHARMA, ONE TOUCH, GLO, RICE MASTER, FIRST CAPITAL PLUS.

For the clubs they primarily make their money from gate proceeds, merchandising (which is very poor in Ghana) club media channels (Kotoko had TV and the Kotoko Express at some point, same with Hearts of Oak), and the transfer of players. Not much in the other areas of commercialisation.


Nothing to write home about comparative to key football nations on the continent ie Egypt, Cote D’Ivoire, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria and South Africa. These days even countries like Tanzania and DR Congo with the millions being invested into the sport by millionaire businessman is making a huge difference in that regard.


There is no denying the fact that TV plays a huge part in branding these days. The English Premier League seems to be light years ahead of everyone culminating in unheard of revenues and player wages in recent years. Competing brands are moving away from scheduling their games in tandem with the EPL in order to also benefit from the global revenue. The Ghana Premier League cannot afford to be left out. The FA may have proposed a look at the scheduling but the earlier they do so, the better.


Lack of talent coming through the colts and junior ranks is also a massive challenge as the players being churned out seem to lack the basis and become top professionals. The era where the nation churned out talent after talent to compete with the very best on the planet seems to be a thing of the past. We are not producing the Daniel Addo’s, Joe Addo’s, Ishmael Addo, Attram , Kingston, Muntari’s, Essien, Appiahs and co anymore. The players that are making the leap to be honest are simply average.


The Black Stars is a massive brand for the football association. Four times, they have conquered the continent and been to the finals on another five occasions. Thrice they have played at the World Cup and together with Senegal and Cameroon have made a quarter-final berth, the best position for an African team. Sadly though, it’s been bedeviled by

• Player Cash Problem,
• Commission of Enquiry
• Management of Captaincy
• Politics in camp
• Team Management issues

The junior teams have their own challenges as well

• Black Meteors (Neglect with kits etc)

• Black Satellites (Coaches not paid)

• Black Starlets (Winning bonuses issues)

• Black Queens (Pads)


• GFA (Bad Brand Image – Marketing Dept with set targets)
• Marketing & Promotion


• Details of sponsorship, referee fees, promotion and demotion


Needs to be an autonomous body like in Europe, professionally run


Systems needs to be devoid of protest


RAG need to be properly catered for in areas of

• Referee fees – sponsorship, promotional rights, including shirt-sleeve and training-wear branding on all professional match referees, assistant referees and fourth officials, branding and accreditation on all publicity material including all governing body websites, as well


Coaches need to go for refresher courses for personal development.
The FA can support with some funds for the tutorials if they have the funds readily available.


The evolution of the Media in today’s dispensation cannot be discarded. There are lot more local language content than the English all thriving to ensure that they deliver to their very demanding and expectant listeners and viewers.

The role of SWAG is extremely important to help in the sensitization and training of media laws and ethics for quality delivery.


Fanatics the world over. Captivated by Foreign football. There has got to be a comprehensive research on the fans to find out ways to bring them back to the stadium.


Existing and potential clientele

Many Potential Sponsor available but unsure about corruption, unsure if league would end with no trouble, unsure if they would get intended mileage, unsure about guaranteed broadcast, non-traditional clubs don’t have the numbers.



Government support on football national team, Government supporting Clubs to Africa, Offering tax rebate to companies for sponsorship, offering tax rebate for building of world class stadia in the ten regions, tax reliefs for football items at the harbor, installing solar panels for energy, creation of bore holes to water grass pitches. Bring back SS74, Marketing the stadia for various activities. Ministry owing Ambulance services.


Unavailability of pitches, dirt pitches, injuries, unavailability of strikers, , Accreditation issues, Robert Coleman pitches. Sponsorship panel pitches, ball boys, fans branding.


• To organize competition in all their forms at the national and international levels that will allow for more fans to be attracted to the game (30K to 50K by 2018);

• To develop football in Ghana by implementing the necessary program structures (technical direction);

• To administer football in Ghana (financing & management), especially the Premier League of Ghana.


• Player-centric Focus – To ensure that the development of players at all levels is at the center of the decision making process;

• Culture – Creating an attitude of winning and excellence;

• Equality – Ensuring that all players have an equal opportunity to participate;

• Creating a positive environment that fosters fair play and good sportsmanship.


• To re-build the GFA brand by implementing the necessary checks and balances that will improve accountability and transparency.

• To utilize football as a vehicle to help develop Ghana.

• To partner with the private & public sectors to improve the quality of football at all levels.

• To improve the football experience for the fans by improving facilities and entertainment value.

• To build football into a viable business for all involved (owners, players, media, & officials).

• Increase membership.

• To improve the Federations sustainability by increase game attendance.

• To improve the value sponsors get when they invest in any program.

• To build on the current advantage over competing sports by increase participation in the sport


• To utilize football as a vehicle to help develop all the 10 regions in Ghana;

• To partner with the private & public sectors to improve the quality of football at all levels.

• To improve the football experience for the fans.

• To build football into a viable business for all involved (owners, players, media, & officials).

• To re-build the GFA brand.

• To improve, promote and to protect the game so that football can continue to be the number one sport in Ghana.

The GFA has to launch a new strategic plan, beginning in January 2018 and culminating in the landmark year of 2022 when we could qualify to the next World Cup in Qatar. The Board and management team need to consider the short and long-term goals of the business in order to support and grow the grassroots game while continuing to strive for success at the elite level with various teams.

Over to the Football Controlling Body, Ghana Football Association.

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