The Overall Best Farmer for the Prestea-Huni Valley District in the Western Region has returned all the awards he received at this year's Farmers' Day celebration.

35-year-old John Enimil went home with four knapsack sprayers, a bicycle, five wellington boots, nine cutlasses, two radio sets, a flat-screen TV and a table-top fridge.

Mr. Enimil owns a 120-acre rubber plantation, 52-acre cocoa farm, 10-acre sugarcane farm, 10-acre palm nut plantation, 2-acre rice paddy, 2-acre cocoyam farm, 2 fish ponds, a poultry farm of 300 birds, 85 trees of pea and 360 coconut trees.

He has 15 employees.

Mr. Enimil returned his award package to the Agriculture Department in the District barely a week after receiving them.

Confirming the news to Ghanaweb, Mr. Enimil explained that the package given to him was a disgrace to his stature.

"In 2016, the Overall Best Farmer received a brand new tricycle (Aboboya), so, I was expecting the same or very important item than this bicycle", he complained.

"The District has embarrassed me and there is no way I will take the items again, they should take their items", he added.

"What pains me a lot is [that] certificate they didn't give me [even a common certificate]. Some and these people think I'm not a person. They take [us] – the farmers for granted", he told

Source: Ghanaweb


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