Members of the Pepperdem Ministries, a feminist group, are advocating for the need for women to stop cooking for their husbands and that women who work and have to cook for their husbands are being oppressed.

As an entrepreneur and social activist, I acknowledge the positive role the Pepperdem ladies have played in gender mainstreaming and identifying the need to start a conversation between the sexes.

But I have concerns with the approach the organisation has adopted in communicating their activism and their motives for their choice in tertiary concerns like who should cook in the home etc.

In a developing country like Ghana where over 88 per cent of our population spends less than $3 a day according to UN statistics, issues about who should cook in the home only affects a minority of women.

In a country where basic needs such as shelter, food, security and education is not guaranteed many people, trivial matters like who cooks in the home is tertiary when there’s no food to cook.

Women like Nefretiti and Cleopatra have used soft power to achieve their aims. German chancellor Angela Merkle once said she loves making breakfast for her husband. So I encourage women to use soft skills to communicate their needs.

There are more important issues affecting majority of women such as sexual harassment, child marriages, rape, domestic violence, trokosi etc that the Pepperdem ladies can focus on.

There is the need for less confrontation and more cooperation between men and women especially on sensitive issues like gender roles and relations.

We must correct the script and not flip it. The mistakes men make is not an excuse for women to follow suit, wrong is wrong even when the script is flipped.

Writer: Kate Tutu


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