The biggest challenge with the neo-feminist movement is the push of equalisation regardless of whether it's positive. Pushing for gender equality where the focus is “we want to do what the men are doing” is a recipe for disaster.

On the issue of women not being domestic slaves in the home - This is disturbing and is a big reason for the breakdown in our social development and family life. The fact that you do not get paid to take care of your home, and your children does not make the work you do there any less significant than the work you do in your workplace. In fact the thankless work of domestic chores, feeding and nurturing children is the most important work you can ever do as a woman. The problem isn't that we have internalised being oppressed with these tasks, the problem is that we fail to see the importance of the ‘menial’work described.

A home which lacks proper hygiene, nutrition, discipline and love is a broken home. Aggregate all these dysfunctional homes and we have what we see in this nation, a place of brokenness and confusion where nothing works. It's good to have a career, but please ladies never let anybody tell you that the domestic work you do (which most often is unappreciated) is degrading.

What we need to do as women is to rather put the work that we do on the pedestal it deserves in our society (Martha Stewart on my mind). A happy home is what's important, if the general consensus is that women are now significantly involved in the 'hunting and gathering' chore (which is the case), which hitherto was a sole preserve of men, hence adding that to domestic work will be too much for women, then let's begin to centre the conversation around how families must learn to negotiate on roles (as pertains to their unique circumstances) to ensure that no one party is overburdened. Any miscellaneous prescription, for that matter, in a world of increasingly complex family dynamics can only be a recipe for utter chaos. So please don't start World War III in your home because a group of women tell you that you are a slave to your family. It's only an individualistic mindset that will tell you that the contribution you make to your family is slavery.

We all have a role to play in our homes, All roles require a leading figure, just like in organisations , there are leadership roles, so too is it in family life. Understand your role, the importance of it and embrace it. Do it wholeheartedly, know your limits and ask for help from your spouse when you need to.

This whole craze about flipping the script is neither here nor there because the mistakes will remain therein when the script is flipped. Women taking up the limitations or vices of men, or vice versa does not improve society in any way, if we acknowledge that there are teething challenges to our social construct then we must take purposive steps to correct them together both men and women. It's a collective effort not one that can be effected by any one of the genders alone. And this means correcting the deficiencies of both genders in the family setting.

So don't flip the script, CORRECT IT.

By: Kate Tutu


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