This article assesses and summarizes the stylistic and communicative elements of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s 2018 State of the nation Address.

1) Inspiration. It was a dry, boring and mechanical speech that sounded perfunctory. Did the President inspire? No. Verdict/Scorecard: Poor. Needs to pay special attention to this element of his speech and bounce back stronger.

2) Broad Theme. Verdict/Scorecard: Fail. There was no clear theme

3) National Unity.Verdict: Average. The President tried but did not comprehensively appeal to a national sense of patriotism. At some point he tried to score political points.

4) Definition of nation’s problems. Did the president define the nation’s problems well, connect with people and show he understands our problems? Verdict: Somewhat. His performance was marginally average. In other words, this was a weak average.

5) Vision.Verdict/Scorecard: The President scored below average here. More work needs to be done

6) Language
Verdict/Scorecard: Satisfactory—above average

7) Delivery and non-verbal cues. Verdict: Excellent

8) Conclusion of Speech. The ending was just not moving, not powerful and fell flat. Verdict/Scorecard: Poor

***Special mention: Looks like Ghanaians were not too enthused with the shout-out to the ministers. Generally some saw it as self-praise. However others saw it as a president who knows his ministers well, tracks their efforts and demonstrates his confidence in their abilities. What do you think? What does your scorecard look like?

By Etse Sikanku and Frank Kofi Boadi


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