Ghanaian songwriter and highlife singer, Dada Hafco has encouraged women to engage in economic activities to make a living instead of relying on men for survival by offering sex.

According to him, a woman who cannot make life better for herself without relying on a man has a bleak future.

His comment comes on the back of an interview actress Moesha Boduong granted CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that in Ghana women including herself, offer sex for survival because of the bad economy.

Speaking in an interview with Natalia Andoh on the Touch of Class on Class91.3FM on Thursday, 12 April 2018, Dada Hafco could not understand why some ladies think they cannot make their lives better without handouts from men.

“The ladies say what men can do women can do better, not that they can also do, but they can do better, so where is that believe and assertion that you got to depend on a man?” he quizzed.

The "Bedi Ankɔ" hitmaker noted that some women are trying hard to make a living for themselves by engaging in meaningful trades.

He said: “These days people of your class, your age and of your generation, everybody is trying hard to make a living for themselves. Most women get married or enter into relationships, get pregnant and have kids and their men leave them and they become single mothers. At that point if they don’t work who are they going to depend on?”

Dada Hafco encouraged women to learn to be independent adding that they should consider men who support them in life as bonus.

“We are living equal lives, a man is supposed to be a bonus, he’s supposed to be a bonus, you need to put your act together, be yourself, be original, be independent and when you find a man he becomes a bonus…a woman who is solely dependent on a man does not have a life. When a woman is independent, you’ll earn a lot of respect.”

Dada Hafco is currently promoting his new single titled ‘Yebewu Nti’.

Source: Ghana/ Kollene


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