Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng is now driving a Fiat 500 after he admitted that he previously spent too much money on cars.

Boateng, who counts Tottenham, AC Milan and Schalke among his former clubs, was known for his lavish spending earlier in his career but is now spending more cautiously.

The former Ghana international was seen with his rather modest new car in Milan.

A Fiat 500 Abarth 595 Turismo is available from just £17,816 - a far cry from the figures that Boateng previously spent on cars.

In February Boateng told Mailonline's Pete Jenson: ‘It’s true,’ he says when asked to verify the tale of him buying three cars in a day while a young player at Tottenham.

‘I still have a picture at home of me standing in-front of three cars and a big house and I’m standing there like I’m 50 Cent. I look at it sometimes and I say: “look how stupid you were”.

‘If you’re 18, you don’t know anything. And today if you are 18 you get five million net a year. You buy the world! That is exactly what you think: I can buy the world. I buy friends, I buy girls, I buy cars, I buy everything.’

Boateng, 31, was spotted with his fiancee Melissa Satta as he looked to move on from wasting money on cars and parties in his younger days.

During a varied career, Boateng has played in Germany, England, Italy and Spain, and he seems especially settled at Frankfurt at present.

This season he scored six times in the Bundesliga and also captained the team on a couple of occasions.

Frankfurt finished in eighth place in the league, meaning that they won't be involved in European football next campaign, but it was still an improvement on their 11th placed finish in 2016/17.

Source: Daily Mail


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