Veep attends IPoA in Turkey10:18, 27.May 2016
Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur is in Turkey participating in the Midterm Review of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) in Antalya.

The event organised by the UN General Assembly is taking place from 27 to 29 May, 2016,

The event is expected to bring together participants at the highest possible political level and all stakeholders of the IPoA; representatives from governments, the private sector, multilateral organisations, civil society and academia.

The High-level Midterm Review (MTR) will result in an inter-governmentally negotiated and agreed outcome in the form of a political declaration.

The MTR will undertake an assessment of the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action by the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and their development partners. The LDCs represent the most vulnerable segment of the international community.

They comprise more than 880 million people (about 12 per cent of world population), but account for less than 2 percent of world GDP and about 1 percent of global trade in goods. Bringing sustained, equitable and inclusive economic growth is a matter of urgency and the MTR will serve to reaffirm the global commitment to address the special needs of the LDCs countries made at the Fourth UN Conference on the LDCs.

It will also further strengthen the global partnership for development for LDCs, in all priority areas of the IPoA, as well as in the context of the new global sustainable development framework in order to ensure its timely and effective implementation during the remainder of the decade and beyond.

The MTR will also provide an opportunity to launch concrete measures, initiatives and partnerships, individually or collectively, that have the potential to further progress the IPoA – building on the momentum of recent and relevant United Nations meetings, agendas and conferences.

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