The world I witnessed just yesterday

What in the world has happened? A lot. From the SHOCKS in politics, the uncertainties/anxieties/optimism in business, the innuendos and the quirky stuffs in/outside showbiz to the mystical tins in religion and the loss of loved ones, we've got so much memory of reminiscence, pity or sorrow and hope...

What in the world has happened? A lot.

From the SHOCKS in politics, the uncertainties/anxieties/optimism in business, the innuendos and the quirky stuffs in/outside showbiz to the mystical tins in religion and the loss of loved ones, we've got so much memory of reminiscence, pity or sorrow and hope.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Donald Trump were 'sworn-in' and 'inaugurated', respectively. Oh yeah, at last, George Weah of Liberia becomes president elect. Lesson #1 Only Jehovah has the mandate to say “impossible”. He himself rarely declares that. How much more we fleeting grasses.

Pastor Mensah Otabil 'prophesied' (in January or the 31st of 2016) that, 2017 will be "a year of breakthroughs" for many. I guess it has been. I'm not talking about the coins and the ‘tins’. Watch closely, you'll be humbly grateful. The divine encounters and the mysterious things. Don't you think, at least, the Kejetia Lawyer and his team have a testimony in this regard? Never mind, Lawyer Nti may not have heard or read the Man of God's declaration. For those who believed with or without any prophecy may have a lot to share.

Ironically, Pastor Otabil suffered a 'misfortune' somehow. GCB takes over Capital Bank and UT Bank. Interesting. Intriguing. No conclusions and insinuations here. Who can understand Yahweh's ways?

The Ungodly Appeals at Church or you can call it "ICGC's miracle seed ..." Take Manasseh's words for it. After reading that article, I was wondering: 'was the wedding of this iconic journalist really officiated by the Man of God – one of my favourite teachers?' I think we need more of Manassehs in this hypocritical regime or era. However, like or hate them, these guys are there! Prodigies!

Lest I forget. Our own Napoleon Bonaparte, invited our headmasters with their two HoDs to Kumasi and scared them to death. The greatest horror of that moment, as I'm told was that, this 'honourable' MP/Minister (sorry, Madam Chief Justice) left the scene immediately after threatening the poor and helpless souls - the image of their subordinates and the kids they nurture and groom. Fortunately or unfortunately, this leader would later on (December 12, 2017) pay a courtesy call on the leadership of Al-Rayan International School. The details, in the's headline "Education Minister engages Al-Rayan International School on public education reforms". For me the outcome of this historic meeting was insightful – ‘At Al-Rayan, we ensure that the children take responsibility for their own learning.’ However, in fact, the group picture of the Minister with the three – the smiling 'two wise men & a wise woman' was succinct in showing the contrast between courtesy call vs threat-call.

The Teacher Licensure tin. Hoax or ruckus?
The Nursing and Teacher Training Allowances were reintroduced.
#Save the Child, Save the Mother# initiative. Incredible!

The Galamsey War, win or otherwise, the greatest adventure of all. Let’s give a standing ovation for all who initiated and supported this awesome, bold and unyielding agenda. Yeeeh, Uncle Peter, I salute! You deserve an award.

The army worm attack was an invasion indeed. These funny creatures or animals did not only painfully bore holes in our corns and left wounds in our farms, they invaded someone’s honourable office/position. The tongue, hmmm.

So, when and how will that stop? I am talking about the ‘Taking Overs’ (not as my Dancehall King’s view) after every election. The approach is so bloody and awful that it leaves permanent wounds and scars which sustains this vicious cycle of primitive sub-culture.

Another absurdity was the visible invisible forces. Are you suggesting to us that that ‘force’ is more invincible than our national security and the moral heart (JUDICIARY) of the land? There can be a bit more “finesse” (Legend Bako p3, 20 _ _ page #NewsFiles). Come ooon!

To me, the very concrete and conclusive achievement to us all was the boycott of the most nuisance toll. Hornourable Parliament, I think, the ‘Library’ of the sort, the house seeks to create will be invaluable. READ! In simple terms, I am talking about the Road Toll brouhaha. The media, IMANI and co, thanks a lot for the biggest public generic success ever (in recent times). For ‘once’, rarely, the ‘will of the people' to prevailed.

Ei, another crucial matter. Has the office of the Electoral Commission come under a siege or this Divine Thump is on the path to the pasture of fortification and ultimate immortality?

How can I forget? My Commander-in-Chief shared a strong voice with the French President, Emmanuel Macron and the rest of the world. For me, it was the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid' narrative at a higher level.

The Free SHS Policy is unfolding. I don’t have the space for it here. I am not too sure whether my former Vice President’s assessment is premature, germane or candid? Whatever the outcome, I think the vision behind the policy has won the affinity of all, including the smart veteran, the General (No size.)

The NDC had a herculean task of managing the conundrum of Prof. Kwasi Botwe’s Report in the public digest. Besides, the exciting hands-ups for the flagbearership was entertaining and educative. The ostensible Health Walks. Hmmm! Dr Valarie Sawyer bites the legendary ‘Patriot’. Following that the noble voice of the veteran Dr Obed from the broken ‘cocoon’ could be heard. However I fell in love with the lunching of the Ghana Institute of Social Democracy. In my view, if this school come to stay and the Danquah Institute is strengthened, all in GOOD FAITH, I bet you, Ghana’s political landscape will be cleaner.


Afia's video and the acidic story. Christabel's nudity issues.

John Dumelo and the car sting [His KNUST mate bread saga - I'm not too sure this one too is scandalous enough - well I just want to exhaust the John tins/issues in these few strokes of letters – I honestly, need a whole book for the Johns, the ‘venerables’ and the up and coming.]

Some 'holier than thous' hyped Yvonne's birth of a boy out of a wedlock as the greatest 'abomination' ever. Yvonne did not mind the counselor in the incipient days of the gossip. However, on the 30th of the last month of the year, just yesterday, she took a 'swipe' at my own adorable Bella Mundi of GHOne and MzGee of multimedia. Now, Bella may have to come and 'remove her mouth' on Yvonne's allegation that she (Bella) dates (dated?) married man (men?). MzGee did not suffer that much of the Yvonne's twitter venom. Though I am yet to find and watch the show myself, I can still imagine how MzGee, will do much of the 'lizard's disgust'. Bella was just the host, abi? Yvonne, I thought you have a strong heart. But I can understand, it hurts that much because of the innocent boy. Yvonne, Bella and MzGee take all these as the hazards in showbiz.

I cannot remind us of the unimaginable rape and defilement cases in the manner my friend Kofi and the other do on Adom and Peace. Look at the oxymoron (give me a better literary device here) here. The reportage of a rape or defilement incident on Adom or Peace. These are the real abominable acts and not really the Yvonne thing.

A member or members in the house allege(s) the house is ‘infested’ with corruption. Inquiries and apology. A musician or a ‘politrepreneur' drops a corruption canister at the heart of the flagstaff house. Just the year was about ending, the Trades Ministry is alleged to have traded some Dinner Seats with the President.

Earlier in the year too, a member or some members of the house alleged he/they smell(s) corruption in the house. Mr. Ghartey’s inquiry was wrapped with an apology at the plenary. Late in the year, the leadership of the house engages the media for a kind of rebranding. Mr. Speaker and my dear Minority Leader, I admired your show of patriotism (as I sincerely felt) in your interaction with the journalists that day.

The Treasurer of the motherland escaped the splash of palm oil on his usual white apparel. The CHRAJ cleared him, finally. Folks, take Franklin Cudjoe’s caution or leave it. We will get there anyway, anyhow.

Was the Ambassador Ayisi Boateng’s popular philosophy of “Job for the Boys” not a scandal? You choose!

Ahaa, Tonto Dike's divorce/separation aftermaths.

Away from the “oldest sin” (Daddy J.A. 20_ _)

Joe Mettle wins Artiste of the year category, first time in Ghanaian music history, for the Gospel Artistes.

The rising, unpredictable, reigning Ebony Reigns (a.k.a Priscilla Opoku-Boateng - Mamavi Owusu Aboagye says she's ebonizing Ghana. Really?) and the One-Corner hit singers. They're just 'Ordinary People' (John Legend) doing their tins. Love them or hate them, they'll get there anyway, anyhow. I love ya all.

Who ever imagined, Reign will sing 'Aseda' and 'Maame Hwe'? You too, you have to minimize the controversy baits in your songs. See, in our last entertainment show at the school, the ‘indefatigable man’ had to punish Dora for deliberately or accidentally singing the chorus of your latest song in a manner you can guess right.

Kidi and Quame, I like your styles.

The “fourth” star, Quame Sefa, wins the GJA Journalist of The Year award again.

The royal birth was refreshing and reassuring. Auntie Gifty, (Ei, Lady Gifty), my friend GaiseyGh, just drew my attention to the fact the noble gift come out at about the age 47, or exactly. This is yet another testimony to Jehovah. I like the gracious gentle giant, too, the King of the ‘Republic’ of Adumasa.

When it comes to the sports news, I am quite clueless and handicapped. That notwithstanding my producer, GaiseyGh, emphasised that I should include the fight of the year. If I were a sports journalist, I would be saying ‘Bukom Banku suffered a humbling fall to Samir’.

Let me not bother you much with the Kendrick Lamar's view on the struggle between the flesh and the accountability to Jehovah and Chance's (the rapper) gratitude to Jehovah for his success/milestone in his music career. All these happening under the backdrop of the Illuminati conspiracy theory and/or a reality. Interesting times ahead.

Well, BBC claimed to have taken us to the birthplace of the Illuminati. The writer attempted to conclude that there are virtually no traces to find in Ingolstadt. But I asked, did they really seek to meet monuments or relics like could be found in Egypt - as in the Egyptian Pyramids? The thing is said to be a secret society. Right?

Adele is still Adele.

However, Remy Ma showed Nicki Minaj that she too is there as she wins Best Female Hip pop Artiste. I'm hoping to get the full show and watch your performance(s), Bruno Mars. …..

The 2017 Oscars too, was memorable. Justin Timberlake opened the show with his electric performance. As if ‘Moonlight’ and ‘La La Land’ (especially, the latter) were the only movies in 2016. ‘Manchester by the Sea’ too did well. Congratulations, ‘Zootopia’, my son’s favourite. Jimmy Kimmel, the host, was not only humorous, his sense of wit and his memory were enviable.

I just watched slightly of the Emmy Awards. It looks like I saw Taraji P. Henson, or not really. She presented at the Oscars. I admire her. I'm happy for her. She seems to be in her hey days.

I couldn't follow the Grammy this year. Maybe, my friend Bone, will find it for me.

The promise of abolishment of certain 'nuisance taxes' vs the importers' cries over the unbearable import duties on even educational materials at the port (unless the importers are not being honest, though). The paperless port system. The SSNIT saga. The digitization of the economy/country.

The tragic death of the Captain/Major Mahama and Denkyira Obuasi.

Some of our countrymen and countrywomen were traumatized and tortured in Libya. Chris Brown, you have compensated for the smokes you created in our theatre with that Lutheran voice on the matter, even from afar. I salute!

I cannot forget about the horrible Atomic Junction gas explosion. The raging waters on the streets of my friend's Boboli's motherland - Sierra Leone. Also, Hurricane Irma's mess in Northern Florida. India too suffered some floods, right.

Just recently too, the perennial fires raced their ugly heads in California. Thomas Fire! Ei, you people, too.

KABA's death and the ‘state burial’. Paapa Yankson too. Bob Okala and Ewurama Badu too passed out. We lost some portion of the future of the land to the merciless axe of the H1N1 flu (as Nuguchi finds).

The royal death, the prime (enviable) or controversial cultural burial and grand funeral of Otumfuo’s dearest one. Nana, your tribute to the blessed queen was not only sobering, it was also revealing.

May all the departed souls rest in peace.

The leader of the Boko Haram group was reported to have been killed in Nigeria.

President Buhari’s ill health too has been worrying. Uncle, speedy recovery, ok. It shall be well with your soul.
President Trump and the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in a 'mouth war'.

Relocation of American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And the UN votes against/for the decision.

The deal breaker has been under ‘fire’ for the alleged or the case of invasion of Russia in the America's democracy.

Brexit negotiation is ongoing.

Aha, my director, in a recent meeting subtly did the business as usual. 'The warnings/threats.' Too much of the 'old dialogue'. In 2018, the ‘New Dialogue’ shall prevail. Won't you say Amen? Thank Yahweh, I had the opportunity to be given the permission to leave the meeting midway.

For the personal memories, I don't have the space to share.

For all that have happened, personal or public, we have so much case studies for learning and growth.


Do I have the licence? Naa. One of the illusions of the world.

#Watch Jehovah's Face instead of people's.
#Watch to learn and give benefit of the doubt, instead of the judgements and sweeping conclusions.
#Slow to copy and paste but be quick to read and scrutinise things on Social Media.
#Be real and genuine.
#Trust in Yahweh and don't rely on humans (Rev. Joel Osteen eloquently preached that, in 2017)
#Seek after the peace of Jehovah.
#ACTIONS! #TAKE-OFFS and #LEAPS in 2018.

Caveat: I personally shared a version of this article on about 4 WhatsApp platforms on the January, 1 2018. However, the above is a reviewed version.

By: AMEYAW, “An Ordinary Citizens in Akim Ayirebi”

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