Thursday, 30 May

Adamus Resources Limited responds to misleading reports amidst court dispute

The company cites a court ruling affirming the continuation of its operations

Adamus Resources Limited has issued a firm rebuttal to recent newspaper reports circulating in Ghanaian media outlets, which the company alleges misrepresent crucial aspects of an ongoing legal dispute.

 In a statement released by management and staff, Adamus Resources seeks to clarify misconceptions and counter attempts to politicize what they deem as a purely business affair before the courts of law.

The reports in question, attributed to Solomon Owusu, are accused of distorting the actual situation surrounding the company's operations and attempting to inject political undertones into the legal proceedings. 

Contrary to claims made in the media, Adamus Resources asserts that there has been no court ruling barring the company from its day-to-day activities, including the processing and exporting of gold. 

In fact, the company cites a court ruling affirming the continuation of its operations.

Emphasizing the collaborative nature of gold production and marketing, Adamus Resources underscores the role of various regulatory bodies, including the Precious Minerals Marketing Company, the Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division), National Security, and the Narcotics Control Authority. The company clarifies that gold production and marketing involve multiple stakeholders and are not the sole responsibility of any individual or board of directors.

The statement further addresses the involvement of BCM Ghana Limited and its alleged attempts to impose an Interim Management Committee (IMC) on Adamus Resources. Adamus Resources dismisses BCM Ghana Limited and its surrogate, Allan Morrison, as lacking beneficial ownership or investment in the company. 

Additionally, the company highlights that the ownership of Adamus Resources PTY, the Australian entity mentioned in the dispute, lies with NGUVU, not Allan Morrison.

While acknowledging a court ruling to restrict the company's board, Adamus Resources reveals that this ruling is currently under challenge within the same court. 

The company advocates for due process, urging stakeholders to allow the court to complete its examination of the rulings before resorting to what it deems as "unorthodox and illegal measures" to impose an IMC.


As the legal saga unfolds, Adamus Resources Limited remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding legal processes and protecting its interests amidst what it perceives as attempts to disrupt its operations through misinformation and improper legal maneuvers.