Wednesday, 08 July

Analyst: GHS100, GHS 200 notes "ridiculous"

CEO of Dusk Capital Limited, Bernard Osei-Tutu

The CEO of Dusk Capital Limited, Mr Bernard Osei-Tutu, has said the introduction of new GHS 100 and GHS 200 banknotes is counterproductive in achieving a cashless financial system in Ghana.

The Governor of the central bank announced the introduction of the new notes at a press conference in Accra on Friday, 29 November 2019 with the explanation that the move is aimed at addressing the deadweight burden on the economy from past inflation and cedi depreciation.

The BoG also introduced GHS2 coin.

Speaking at the launch of the new notes, Dr Ernest Addison urged the public not to misinterpret the introduction of the high-value notes to mean a shift from the central bank's policy of pursuing a cashless society.

However, Mr Osei-Tutu believes the action of the BoG is self-defeating.

He told Joshua Kojo Mensah on Class91.3FM’s 505 news programme that: “They [BoG] are shooting themselves in the foot if they say that. In one breadth, you want to promote a cashless society, and, in another breadth, you are introducing highers note as high as GH200, it is ridiculous, it is contradictory to whatever they are preaching to all of us”.

For him, the development comes as a surprise, “especially, from the angle whereby there has been a stronger call for a cashless society in a modern economy where we find ourselves”.

Mr Osei-Tutu said he does not think that the reasons for the introduction of the notes “are stronger points enough to call for a higher denomination of GHS200 and GHS100. I think the argument is not too strong for this”.

He further explained that “there is no economic indicator” that says that the move can tackle the depreciation of the local currency against other major currencies.

sThe Ghana cedi experienced a year-to-date depreciation of 10.37% and 11.2% against the US Dollar and the British Pound Sterling, respectively, as of 21 November 2019.

“I don’t see how this will shore up our depreciation against external currencies. It has absolutely no role to play,” he reiterated.

He said he agrees with the BoG only on the issue that the cost of printing the new notes will be more efficient since several lower denominations will have to be printed at a higher cost for every GHS 200 currency, for example.

Mr Osei-Tutu also disagreed with suggestions that the move will increase inflation rate, as he explained that consumer prices of goods and services will not rise as a result of the new notes.