Thursday, 24 September

Coronavirus: GUTA seeks British High Commission support for Ghanaian traders


The Greater Accra Regional branch of the Ghana Union Traders Association (GUTA) has contacted the British High Commission Department of International Aid as part of the group’s efforts to secure help for traders so they can have easy access to goods for the Ghanaian market.

The intervention comes on the back of the Coronavirus outbreak in China which has affected the trading activities of Ghanaians who import goods from China.

These traders travel to China to transact business with their Chinese counterparts.

In a statement, GUTA said: “We are, by this release, informing the traders to contact the office of the Greater Accra GUTA to help them with the necessary documentations to travel to the United Kingdom to purchase goods.”

GUTA emphasised that the outbreak of the Coronavirus has resulted in a shortage of goods due to travel restrictions, adding: “We, the leadership of the Greater Accra GUTA, have received a lot of complaints from the traders.”

…China spends US$4.5bn on Coronavirus

Meanwhile, China says it has spent US$4.5 billion so far in fighting the Coronavirus, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

The Finance Minister, Liu Kun, said the authorities will make moves to support efforts to bring the epidemic under control, and urged local and regional officials to look out for small businesses that have been hurt.

China's central bank will provide the first batch of special re-lending funds for combating the Coronavirus on Monday, and will offer the facility weekly to banks later this month.