Friday, 19 July

Ghana faces potential ban on fish exports to EU due to illegal fishing practices

Fish export

Dr. Angela Lamptey, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Marine and Fisheries Science at the University of Ghana, has warned that Ghana could soon face a ban on exporting fish and fish products to the European Union (EU) if illegal fishing methods persist.

Dr. Lamptey highlighted the seriousness of the situation, noting that Ghana has already been issued a yellow card by the EU. 

This warning indicates that the country engages in unwholesome fishing practices that endanger consumers and the environment. 

Additionally, Ghana has been cited for lacking effective monitoring systems and legal frameworks to regulate the fishing industry.

"We fear other countries may follow suit if the EU goes ahead to ban our fish from their market, and we may also lose foreign exchange earnings from that area," Dr. Lamptey expressed.

She made these comments after addressing stakeholders at the Iwatch Africa meet-up with coastal communities in Ghana, following the publication of a report on the industry’s challenges.

Dr. Lamptey assured that stakeholders in the sector are working diligently to reverse this trend, warning that another yellow card could severely impact the country’s ratings. "We are putting in more efforts to make things right. We hope that the EU will assess us again and provide the necessary recommendations," she said.

She emphasized the need for all partners to join forces to help the country avoid a ban.

Source: Mensah