Friday, 21 February

How one 'sweet' self-made dress inspired a trendy clothing line – The Detugbui story

Worlanyo Sallah Anim, CEO of Detugbui Clothing


When Worlanyo Sallah Anim or 'Worla', as she prefers to be called, started designing and making her own plus-size dresses, just for the love and fun of it, little did the university graduate know that she had, inadvertently, started a journey that would lead to the opening of a clothing line for ladies her size as well as others.

Her trendy self-designed hand-made clothing from African prints, which she always strutted confidently, as any model would; and pictures of which drew tonnes of admiration for her on social media, one day culminated in a would-be bride, who had seen pictures of Worla confidently flaunting herself in one of her own designs, make that business-opening request: 'I need something for a wedding; how soon can you deliver?'

And that was where the whole Detugbui Clothing line journey began for the young corporate lady who is a Treasury Executive.

"Detugbui is my side hustle", said Worla, who studied Business Administration at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and BSc. Banking and Finance at Central University College, adding: "Woman cannot live by salary alone. (Worlanyo 14:8)". Detugbui means 'lady' in Worla's native Ewe language.

"The initial plan for going to school to learn how to sew, was to make dresses for myself and nobody else", she revealed. Then, she continued, "I realised every time I made something to wear, I got beautiful compliments from people".

"People started asking me who makes my dresses, and I will tell them I made them", she narrated.

"I remember making dresses, taking pictures and posting them online for the fun of it. Then one day, a lady commented under one of my pictures and said she needed something for a wedding; how soon can I deliver? Pheew!!! It took me the whole day to reply that comment because I was scared of the ‘what-ifs’: What if I don't get it right? What if she doesn't like it? What if she doesn't like the fabrics I chose? What if? What if? What if?" Worla recalled.

"Long story short, I mustered the courage [and] delivered; she loved it and here we are today", the founder and CEO of Detugbui Clothing line said with gratitude. "I'm grateful to God for how far He's brought me and for being with me through it all. It is not easy and it hasn't been easy".

Though a small business now, Worla says "we're growing and we are constantly evolving to give our customers the very best of everything, i.e. quality service and quality products".

Detugbui, she confidently advertised, "Is your go-to brand for everything African fashion".

"I am grateful to our customers, for always coming back, for trusting us with your outfits, and for the referrals. I really appreciate it all. To everyone who supports this dream, by buying from us, following, liking our pictures, sharing our pictures, God bless you".