Saturday, 15 June

Ignore fake cash stash video - BoG sources say it's bogus

Stash of cash video fake

Official sources at the Bank of Ghana have discredited a video circulating on social media allegedly displaying stacks of cash supposedly printed by the Bank of Ghana on behalf of the government for election purposes.

The BoG sources have described the video as "fake" and "propagandish".

The widely-circulated video is accompanied by commentary suggesting the money was intended for election use but the central bank has laughed it off.

The BoG noted that a careful examination of the alleged stash revealed that the currency displayed in the video is not Ghana cedi-denominated.

Additionally, sources within the Bank of Ghana have urged the Ghanaian public to ignore the 'propaganda" video and "treat it with contempt".

They indicated that it is an old video that keeps resurfacing every now and then for propaganda purposes. 

The BoG urged the public to exercise caution and refrain from spreading misinformation based on the 'misleading" video.

Source: Mensah