Tuesday, 05 December

Implement policies that will provide jobs for the youth – GFL

Abraham Koomson, General Secretary of GFL

The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) has called upon the government to create the necessary infrastructure and implement policies that will provide opportunities for the youth, aiming to address the rising unrest and protests in the country.

The labour federation expressed concerns regarding the dearth of opportunities and the high levels of unemployment that have hindered the potential of the youth.

In response to the recent protest organised by Democracy Hub, known as #OccupyJulorbiHouse, Mr Abraham Koomson, the General Secretary of the Ghana Federation of Labour, issued a statement. 

In the statement, he voiced disappointment for the lack of opportunities and the significant unemployment rates that are impeding the potential of the younger generation. 

Despite their education and skills, many youths are struggling to secure meaningful employment or establish their businesses due to a lack of support and an unfavourable economic environment.

The statement urged the government to prioritise job creation and to implement the necessary infrastructure and policies to create opportunities for millennials.

Additionally, the Ghana Federation of Labour expressed dismay over the neglect of access to quality healthcare and affordable education, which are essential for supporting the aspirations of the youth. 

The federation emphasised that this generation deserves access to these fundamental services and well-maintained infrastructure that can help them achieve their goals and contribute to the nation's progress.

The #OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstration, organised by Democracy Hub on September 21, resulted in the arrest of 49 members, including a BBC journalist and his cameraman, and the mistreatment of Bridget Otoo of Metro TV.

Read below a statement by the Ghana Federation of Labour:


Ghana Federation of Labour


Recently, a group comprising passionate and concerned Ghanaian youth, has expressed its deep dissatisfaction with the state of governance in a 3 day demonstration staged in capital, Accra. As representatives of the labour unions in Ghana, we believe it is our duty to stand up and speak out against the issues that hinder the progress and development of our beloved nation.

Ghana, a country with immense potential and a rich history, is facing numerous challenges due to ineffective governance. 

The youth, who represent a significant portion of the population, are directly affected by these issues and are determined to demand accountability and positive change.

One of the key concerns we have is the rampant corruption that plagues our society. 

Corruption not only drains the country’s resources but also undermines the trust and confidence of the people in the government. 

We firmly believe that a transparent and accountable government is essential for the sustainable growth and prosperity of our nation.

Furthermore, we are deeply disappointed by the lack of opportunities and high levels of unemployment that hinder the potential of this generation. 

Despite their education and skills, many of them are unable to find meaningful employment or start their own businesses due to a lack of support and an unfavourable economic environment. We urge the government to prioritize job creation and provide the necessary infrastructure and policies to foster opportunities for these millennials.

Another pressing issue is the inadequate provision of basic services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure. We believe that, this generation deserves access to quality healthcare, affordable education, and well-maintained infrastructure that can support their aspirations and enable them to contribute to the nation’s progress. 

It is disheartening to see these essential services neglected, leaving them and all of us as Ghanians, to bear the brunt of their absence.

In the spirit of constructive engagement, we express our willingness to collaborate with the government, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to find sustainable solutions.

 We believe that by working together, we can overcome the challenges and build a brighter future for these youth in Ghana.

Our federation is committed to joining these young people in this movement for change. 

Together, let us raise our voices, demand accountability, and work towards a better Ghana for ourselves and future generations.

Source: Classfmonline.com/cecil Mensah