Friday, 25 June

'Di Asa' winner too big for one seat – Emirates

Di Asa winner Precious Mensah

Emirates Airlines has explained that the 2019 winner of Accra-based Atinka TV’s plus size women’s reality show ‘Di Asa’ was not allowed to board one of its flights to UAE because she was too big for one seat to accommodate her safely and comfortably in accordance with industry requirements.

Precious Mensah, popularly known as PM, could not fly to Dubai with the two runners-up of the show as a result.

A statement issued by an Emirates spokesperson titled: ‘Emirates is committed to passenger safety’, said: "We respect our customers' privacy and cannot discuss specific customer details or cases.

“Emirates places the highest standards on in-flight safety and as part of this, it is a requirement that all passengers are safely and comfortably seated with their seatbelt fastened.

“An industry practice for passengers who cannot be accommodated in a single seat due to their size is for them to purchase an extra seat for their own safety and comfort, should a seat be available”, the airline explained.