Tuesday, 05 March

Fameye invokes divine judgement between him and those accusing him of ingratitude, other misdeeds

Highlife singer-songwriter Fameye

Fameye has stated that he has prayed for God to punish him and keep him from prosperity if he is indeed guilty of ingratitude and other vices as certain people have alleged. 

The singer who currently answers to two names; Fameye (the ordinary man) and Peter (the music maker and messenger of God), said both personas: "are very calm yet people want to put me in hot water."

He said he has come to terms with the fact that rumours will always be spread about him.

"Since I blew up [came to the limelight], I have noticed this," he added. 

He was speaking to Nana Romeo on Accra 100.5 FM's Ayekoo Ayekoo, Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Regarding negative rumours circulating concerning him, he revealed that he has asked God that "anything that will be said about me, if it is true, He should discipline me."

"If I must prosper or breakthrough regarding something, He should punish me and keep it from me [as long as the reported misdeed is true]," he explained.

Romeo was astonished. 

"Yes," Fameye reacted. "I've left everything to God."

"If I am guilty of any allegation levelled against me and I indeed did not act justly, may God punished me," the 'Nothing I Get' hitmaker stressed. 

He stated that it is a daily prayer he prays. 

Citing his 2019 scuffle with his former manager Ogidi Brown, he recalled "Everyone speaking against me and I am someone who does not like to publicly explain myself. I'd go on the radio, I would be insulted yet I would not give explanations."

He prayed again that: "If God, in His rich knowledge, observes that I am truly an ungrateful person as certain people allege, he should punish me."

Fameye indicated that he has a disdain for ungratefulness.

"That word 'ungrateful' I hate to hear it," he said. "Because I have no pleasure in someone being ungrateful to me."

Romeo wondered if the singer-songwriter has also petitioned God to deal with those who spread false allegations about him.

His answer was: "As I have prayed that God should deal with me if I am guilty as charged, I don't believe He will let my accusers go scot-free if they are lying.

"God will be fair as judge in the matter and will give all those involved their due."



Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin