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GuiltyBeatz reveals details about spontaneous relationship with Tems

Ghanaian music producer GuiltyBeatz

GuiltyBeatz has revealed some interesting details about Tems’ new album, Born in the Wild.

He spoke to Stay by Plan during the album’s release in Lagos, Nigeria, indicating it was a year-late.

Born in the Wild “would have been [released] last year but I don’t think we’d finished,” he said.

Noting at a point, the team felt it could add a song or two, GuiltyBeatz contentedly remarked the album with 18 songs “feels perfect” now.

“It’s incredible,” the DJ and sound engineer remarked, also, concerning the reception the album has received so far.

“It’s a blessing though,” he added, relishing the relief of putting these songs out after years in creation.


“She can give more insight on” the title of the album but “it’s Tems’ story,” the Ghanaian said. “It’s literally being born in the wild. This will sound crazy but, yeah, Lagos is wild” and “this is where everything started for her”.

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Guilty Beatz produced 14 songs on Born in the Wild.

“Technically, it’s every song because I did additional production on every other song,” he explained.

“We’ve been working on this [project] since 2021,” he revealed. “From the first day we met. Work, making music – from Ghana. We started this in Ghana and then London, US, Jamaica – different places – just recording music.”


Born Ronald Banful, he said his favourite on the Born in the Wild album “keeps changing but right now it’s Burning,” his reason being “what Nigeria’s Tems is talking about” and “the production is different”.

He named another favourite as Fortunate, which is “also different, for me and also for her”.

Friendship at First Sight

According to the Grammy nominee, his professional relationship and friendship with Grammy winner Tems “was natural – we clicked on the first day – it was just natural [and] we just kept working”.

There was no formal “meeting” about becoming singer-songwriter Tems’ resident producer, he disclosed. “We just kept working. Everywhere she goes, she wants me to come along, every session she’s going to, I’ll be there, every song she goes and does, she’ll bring it, play it, and, you know, I’d advise… She just trusts my ears.”

Though Tems is assertive, Guilty Beatz said she is open to creative suggestions and criticism especially “when you make her understand, yeah, you have to explain why”.

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