Wednesday, 23 June

I’ve discouraged my children from doing music 'for money' – Rex Omar

Rex Omar

The immediate past Board Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Association (GHAMRO), Rex Omar, has indicated that he has advised all his children not to pursue music as a career in Ghana.

The highlife musician told Kojo Preko Dankwa on CTV’s The Showbiz on Friday, 28 May 2021 that he will not encourage his four children to venture into music professionally unless they want to do it as a “hobby”.

The ‘Abiba’ hitmaker explained that entertainers do not derive enough earnings from their creative work in Ghana.

Meanwhile, Rex Omar noted that aside from the decision by GHAMRO to demand royalties from churches, public transport vehicles will be next on the radar.

Rex Omar first rose to prominence in 1989 and has several albums, with songs such as ‘Dada Dida’, ‘Obi Do Ba’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Aware Pa’, ‘Onipa’