Friday, 08 December

Influencer Akuapem Poloo repents, apologises for where she may have misled, deceived people

Actress and social media influencer Akuapem Poloo

According to actress Akuapem Polo, she is done living the life of smoke and mirrors that her colleague influencers are wildly engaged in.

Also, she passionately denounced the practice of deceiving one’s audience with a façade of luxury, speaking to KMJ and Roselyn Felli on Accra-based Joy Prime TV.

Akuapem Polo was asked what gifts she received for her 34th birthday celebration.

“Outfits, cakes, money,” she stated, categorically indicating that: “I didn’t get a car.”

Here, Poloo said: “Most people you’ll see them saying that they’ve gotten a car for [a birthday gift but] I’m telling you it’s [only] for the gram [social media gimmicks].”

The controversial actress said “most” popular figures are in the habit of going for someone’s “posh car,” they would “wrap it” up in ribbon, “take off the number plate,” use it and “bring it back” later.

KMJ joked that if that is the case, such an arrangement could have been made for her birthday with his help.

“Yes, but now that I have stopped living the fake life, it did not occur to [me],” the actress responded.

She confessed that she “used to do that mostly” where she would randomly “post some car and I would be twerking hard on it”.

She stressed that to make the video "go viral", she needed add the wiggling of her bottom. Showing the car alone would not be enough to generate “the loudness” of tongues wagging, she argued, the reason being that: “It is now common for someone to say that: ‘Someone has dashed me a car for my birthday [or] dashed me a house’.”

“At first,” she said, “when it wasn’t that common,” it was “awfully surprising” unlike now when “people even buy cars for themselves and say someone has dashed [it to] them”.

Born Rosemond Brown, she bemoaned the fake life and its negative impact on society, saying, “…it’s crazy. The youth [are] being misled.”

She appealed for forgiveness.

“I regret…” she said, asking that: “If I have ever misled any youth they should just forgive me.”

Ms Poloo was emphatic in saying she will never engage in such deceptive lifestyle again.

Source: Benjamin