Monday, 29 November

Many graduates useless without their degrees – Osebo


Ghanaian fashionista Osebo has said many degree holders are useless without their certificates.

Richard Opoku, as Osebo is privately known, noted that many Ghanaians will stop thinking when their first and second university degrees, as well as their PhD certificates, are taken away from them.

“These people are worthless without their certificates,” he told Nana Romeo, host of 'Ayeeko Ayeeko', the mid-morning show on Accra100.5FM on Tuesday, November 23.

He said many degree holders cannot prove themselves if the certificates they have acquired by way of schooling are taken away from them. 

“If you dare collect the certificates from them, then you have collected their brains,” he stated.

“Their lives are dependent on the certificates they have acquired and that is not supposed to be so because God gave each and everybody brains and not certificates,” he added.

Talking about how fixated a lot of Ghanaians are on acquiring degrees, Osebo noted that “God created everybody with brains to work and acquire the wealth he or she wants. Money doesn’t know your certificate nor your PhD title; money doesn’t know who is sick, money does not know the kind of school you attended".  

“People get up every morning with all these certificates waiting on the Lord for a break-through to get a white-colour job.

"They wait several hours in the church praying with the aim for God to open non-existent doors for them.

"How can you dream of driving BMW when all you do is waste time in the church?” he quizzed.

Source: Mensah