Friday, 19 July

Marry right or stay single – Joe Mettle as he asserts there's exclusive divine favour in marriage

Joe Mettle and his bride Salomey Dzisa

Singer-songwriter Joe Mettle has encouraged young people to marry but seek to do it with the right intentions and in God’s way.

Although he did not explain what he meant by God’s way, he delightfully asserted “marriage is a blessing.”

“It’s an institution made by God so you need to do it the way God wants you to and you’ll enjoy it,” he also said.

Echoing a Biblical verse that says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God [Proverbs 18:22],” he argued against those apathetic and opposed to marriage.

“There’s a level of favour that is only released in marriage,” Joe Mettle said, contending it is why people notice “an indescribable” change in those who marry.

He stressed: “That favour can never be released until it’s in marriage.”

Acknowledging “many people marry for different reasons,” the Gospel star admonished his audience to carefully consider their intentions before marriage.

The music executive and entrepreneur noted, also, contrary to popular notions in some Christian circles, physical beauty and attraction are important in choosing a spouse, additionally expressing his belief in a Psalm that God will give, a person aligned with him, the desires of their heart.

He playfully noted he had "a partner-in-crime and a gossip partner" in his wife, touting her also as “a safe space” far removed from all the noise of the world.

However, the Give Me Oil hitmaker warned, quoting the Bible [Proverbs 21:9], it is better to stay single than to live with a troublesome partner.

“This is why you need to do it right, and trust God for the right person,” he urged in conclusion.

The Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year 2017 wed his partner Salomey Dzisa at the Christian Centre Assemblies of God Church in Tema, Greater Accra region, in 2020.

The Reverb Studios founder and CEO spoke to Mr Lion on Class Drive on Class 91.3 FM.

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