Tuesday, 25 February

MzVee reveals why she was depressed


Ghanaian musician MzVee has disclosed that her 7-year severed relationship with her family and her boyfriend were the cause of her depression.

MzVee recounted that she stopped talking to her family because they were not in support of her music career.

The songstress said she could not continue to live with the rift between her and her family, thus, her depression.

She explained that her religious parents were against her decision to become a musician because the industry is fraught with drugs and nudity.

MzVee indicated that her depression affected her work, hence her break from the music scene.

She said she cut ties with her family as a result of her studio work, travels and shows.

The ‘Natural Girl’ hitmaker revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend when she was depressed because they could not solve their issues.

Speaking on Accra-based Peace FM, MzVee said: “I wasn’t a happy person because I had problems with my family, I stopped talking to them because they didn’t support my music career. I was not enthusiastic at a point, I didn’t want to smile with anyone, I was just experiencing so many things at a time, I also had relationship problems, me not talking to my family affected my work hugely. I even stopped the school l had started in America”.

She remarked that she proved to her family that she would not engage in promiscuity or nudity.

“One year off the music scene and getting close to my family has made me a happy person now,” MzVee said.

She has released a new song titled 'Sheriff'.


Source: Classfmonline.com/Leticia Osei