Sunday, 31 May

Oprah refuses to let partner Stedman Graham sleep in her bed over coronavirus fears

Stedman Graham is living in the guest house Read more:

Oprah Winfrey has confirmed she is self-isolating from her partner Stedman Graham during the coronavirus pandemic due to her recent health scares.

The 66-year-old talk show icon reveals her longtime partner Stedman, 69, has moved into their guest house to quarantine as a precautionary measure.

 Back in September, Oprah revealed she was battling with pneumonia and recently had a surgical procedure.  In a live-streamed interview with Oprah Magazine’s digital director on Monday, the presenter explained: “Stedman is at the guest house. You all know I had pneumonia late last year and you can still hear the raspiness in my throat sometimes. And I just got off antibiotics last week and so Stedman was late to the party.  Stedman didn’t arrive from Chicago until Thursday and he was speaking in St. Louis on Saturday and he’s been on planes.”

According to Oprah, it was Stedman’s concern about returning from his travels that prompted them to make the decision.  “

[He] was like, What’s the procedure for coming home? And I was like, You ain’t coming in here and sleeping in my bed. It doesn’t work that way…  For all the latest news and updates on Coronavirus, click here. For our Coronavirus live blog click here. ‘Social distancing doesn’t mean you can go sleep in a bed with someone after you got off American Airlines. We cannot play those games.’

Better to be safe than sorry! Despite being torn apart, Oprah reveals they’ve worked out a system so Stedman can get food from the main house.  Bless him.  “I leave food on the doorstep…He’s happy to have me safe. We just take him dinner and we take him breakfast,” Oprah said.