Sunday, 23 June

Party flyers were a social experiment – Edem explains, rebukes partisanship, fan apathy

Edem having a laugh after his social experiment; pretending to venture into politics on the ticket of both political titans in Ghana, the main opposition NDC and ruling NPP

Star artiste Denning Edem Hotor, professionally called Edem Gogot'em, has said he was only doing a social experiment when yesterday and today, he shared flyers seemingly indicating that he was venturing into politics. 

According to Edem, he sought to admonish partisanship and fan apathy. 

He also highlighted his impending annual event Edemfest. 

First, on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, he shared a flyer with the official colours and logo of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), hinting at offering details at 4 PM on Wednesday. 

Wednesday morning, he shared another flyer with the official colours and logo of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and his image again, prompting bemusement. 

At 4:38 PM Wednesday afternoon on Twitter, the 'Nyedzilo' hitmaker explained the flyers. 

"Social experiment!!!" he captioned a picture of him laughing, head thrown backwards, the official colours and logos of the NDC and NPP behind him. 

On his image were the inscription: "Edem Goget'em. I love you Ghana.#NoVex."

He proceeded to ask four questions: "1. Are Ghanaians tolerant of divergent views in politics, and do media houses verify facts on information gotten before making it news?

"2. Are people excited to see more young people take up political positions?

"3. How do individuals of diff[erent] political parties react towards each other? Do people’s political views influence their attitudes, behaviours, & decision-making?

"4. Does intolerance, bias, & prejudice affect individuals and their interactions with others who have different political views?"

In the three-part tweet, he concluded with a "Fun opinion!!

"Followers of both parties [NDC & NPP] should use the same energy to support creatives on social media and both parties are invited to #Edemfest23 [dancing emoji].

"I need same energy for my upcoming songs [smile emoji]," he said. "Those [who] unfollow[ed] me on party line, abeg follow [me] back [laughing emoji]."

"I love you all [Ghana flag emojis]," he concluded.

Source: Benjamin