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Scramble for stadium: Shatta Wale accepts ‘big brother’ Sammy Flex’s advice concerning ‘cancelling’ the 2023 Freedom Wave Concert

Shatta Wale, Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall singer-songwriter and record producer

"In good faith I take this," is how Shatta Wale, born Charles Nii Armah Mensah, responded to a letter by a management member of his asking him to cross out his Freedom Wave Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium this year.

In the letter, respected entertainment journalist Sammy Baah Flex expressly asked the Reggae/Dancehall star to "seriously contemplate cancelling the event and exploring alternative options".

Sammy Flex stated also that the cancellation "is for the safety of everyone involved" in the event which began in 2021, and is hosted by Shatta Wale and rap star Medikal.

Explaining why the 2023 Freedom Wave Concert must not happen at the Accra Sports Stadium, Flex further said: "Political tensions have been rising, and the authorities have recently allocated the venue to another musician, a move that seems designed to disrupt your show and cause discomfort to your team and fans."

| Sammy Flex's letter to Shatta Wale dated Friday, September 22, 2023

On several media platforms, during interviews, a classic one being his time on the Class Morning Show, Friday, September 22, Sammy Flex intimated that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Creative Arts Council boss Gyankroma Akufo-Addo and the National Sports Authority boss Prof Peter Twumasi have conspired against Shatta Wale's return to the Accra Sports Stadium for this year's Freedom Wave Concert.

Both artiste and manager believe the said conspiracy is manifest in Stonebwoy, a newcomer to the stadium, being given preeminence over a returning customer. 

Stonebwoy, another Reggae/Dancehall star has officially requested to use the Accra Sports Stadium for his annual Bhim Concert. He first chose the 23rd, the usual date for the event, but had to shift to the 22nd to allow for Shatta Wale's team to prepare for their date on 25th. 

This has not been received well by the Shatta Movement (SM) team, who insist the stadium's officials informed him he needs three clear days to adequately prepare the venue for his show. 

In fact, according to Sammy Flex, it is policy at the stadium to allow a week's break between shows, and since this has been breached, and the said three days not granted also, it is a clear sign of dark intent.

This, therefore, led to his advice to Shatta Wale, via a letter, to call off the anticipated concert, which for its third year climaxes four preceding events – making it a part of a festival.

Responding to Flex, Wale posted the letter on Facebook and indicated that he will do just as advised, and "leave the rest for the fans to discuss". 

He also agreed with his manager that he there is sinister ploy against him. Assigning a reason for this, he said, "I have been a target in this country because of [I am] outspoken and [I am] confidently saying things the way they should be said in a country like Ghana".

He said his father sent him a video a "few weeks ago," and Flex's letter bolsters what the video said.

He testified to expressing "changes in myself and my spirituality" due to working with Sammy Flex, born Samuel Atuobi Baah. 

He asked "fans of Shatta Movement [to] kindly take your time and read deeply into what our big brother and manager Samuel Atuobi Baah has written and let’s discuss!!"

"Better days ahead," is the optimistic note on which the award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer ended his post.

Source: Benjamin