Monday, 24 January

Shooting hoax: Shatta Wale acted in his best interest – DJ Vyrusky

DJ Vyrusky (left)

Shatta Wale’s personal Disc Jockey, DJ Vyrusky has said the dancehall artiste acted in his best interest when he decided to hide himself on 18 October 2021, a day prophesied that he would be shot and killed.

According to DJ Vyrusky some prophets after their prophecies act on it to prove to the world that they are genuine and hence Shatta Wale only went into hiding to protect himself from anything bad that could have happened to him on the said day.

Shatta Wale and three of his crew members have been arrested and currently in police custody for spreading false information that he was shot and could not be found on the said day.

The Police said they spread fear and panic.

The Prophet who also prophesied Shatta’s shooting on Accra100.5FM a month earlier is also in police custody.

Reacting to this development on Nkran Kwanso with Docta Kay, DJ Vyrusky said he believes the Gringo hit maker was only protecting himself.

“Shatta Wale acted in his best interest because you know, sometimes these prophecies come and some of these prophets act on it for the world to know their prophecy came to pass. So from what I understand, he [Shatta Wale] going into hiding was also to protect himself from anything that could have happened on the said day because on that day, anything could have happened to him,” DJ Vyrusky stated.

He stressed that Shatta Wale “going into hiding was to protect himself from all that because they can prophecy and act on it and make sure it happens, so that was what he did from what I understand.”

Touching on the shooting prank, the famous DJ noted that “as to coming out with a story that he was shot, there are laws in the country and he presented himself to the Police but as to how the law works concerning these issues I don’t know…but I look at it from the angle that he was protecting himself from anything that could have happened to him on the said day”.

DJ Vyrusky stated that when he heard Shatta Wale had been shot he got scared because the dance hall artiste is a “lovely person, there’s a lot you’ll learn from him, he advises you as to how to do business, how to stay relevant and he’s my friend.”    

Source: Mensah