Wednesday, 29 May

Homowo: Lafaa Barimah chief calls for prayers for leaders of Ga state

Nii Ayi Okufuobour addressing the gathering after sprinling Kpokpoi on Saturday September 9, 2023

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, the chief presiding over Lafaa Barimah Nmarko, a prominent figure within the James Town (Ngleshie-Alata) paramount Stool of the Ga State, situated in the Ga South municipality of the Greater Accra Region, has issued a heartfelt call to the Ga indigenes by asking them to pray for leaders of the Ga state.

His message urges them to continue their fervent prayers for the leaders of the Ga State, with the aim of facilitating the development of their cherished homeland.

The chief's perspective is firmly rooted in the belief that the leaders of the Ga State require the unwavering support and prayers of its indigenous people to preserve the rich traditions of the Ga State and to ensure that the Ga people rightfully occupy their esteemed place within the broader community.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, who also holds the distinguished title of Asafoaste of the Weija stool, conveyed this appeal following a significant ceremonial act on Saturday, September 9, 2023, where he performed a symbolic act by sprinkling traditional Kpokpoi food along the boundaries of the Lafaa community. 

This act was part of the culmination of this year's celebration of the Homowo festival, a revered tradition observed by the Ga people in the Greater Accra Region.

In this gesture, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I reaffirmed his commitment to the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Ga State, emphasizing the unity and strength that comes from honouring age-old customs and rallying behind their leaders in the pursuit of progress and development.

Source: Mensah