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7 Hows to treat your wife: Love her in ways that she can’t stop thinking about you

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Here are 7 ways you can love your wife. No more excuses. So go and love your women!

Help her

Housework is an area of ​​exclusion for many men. You can’t even lift a spoon and talk less about sweeping the house or doing the dishes. If you want your wife to feel loved then you need to help because housework is not just for her.

Help her wash the dishes, sweep and clean the house, carry and care for the baby. Sometimes ask him to relax while you prepare family meals.

Sometimes you ask her not to cook while you eat out. Just help her. Housework is not here.

Praise her

Sometimes when your wife asks you what she looks like, she knows she is great, but she wants you to praise and congratulate her.

her looks, praise her new hairstyle, praise her food, praise her efforts to lead the family, just shower you with praise, she will die of love.

Give her attention.

When they’re not watching a soccer game on TV, they’re surfing the Internet on their cell phones. It’s frustrating when your wife is talking to you but you’re not paying attention.

If possible, stop what you are doing and pay attention. with her every time she talks to you. You feel respected and loved.

Satisfy her

Many women have not known what an orgasm is since they got married because the president is not doing his job well. Many of them are frustrated.

They have no interest in their husbands starting to move into the “other room” because it’s the same story every time. So learn to satisfy her s*xually. Do not be selfish and after your satisfaction look for theirs too. I tell you, if you always satisfy her in bed, she will become Oliver Twist, always asking for more.

If you do your best to please her in this area, she will feel loved.

Invest in her

The Bible says husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the church. How did Jesus love the Church? Ephesians 5:2527 had the answer. it is a glorious church with no stains, wrinkles, or blemishes.

In this way, husbands should love their wives by sanctifying and purifying them to make them better people.

It’s an investment. When a woman understands that you are committed to both her happiness and making her a better person, she will not only love you but also feel loved.

Play with her

I hear many husbands call their wives by the name of one of their children. You will hear things like Kojo mamma, Markie nye, excuse me, sir, what are you collecting? What happened to a girl, rose, sweetheart, honey? , Darling, Sweety, etc.

Source: Goodliving .com