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Single girl? How to keep a ‘Bronya’ boy this season

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A ‘Bronya boy’ can make all your fantasies about Christmas come to pass

It's amazing how the pressure to really have a man intensifies during the yuletide season for a variety of reasons. These include; the mere fact that Christmas is a time to spend quality time with loved ones and those who matter, even if they matter just for a season.

Lots of people plan their weddings for this same season. It's a season when cousins, favourites or otherwise, travel all the way from across the world back home to either exchange marriage vows with their supposed significant other or just take the first step to walking down the aisle. 

This is a period where there are lots of shows in town and one would feel the arguably unnecessary desire or want to have a man to go to all those places with. So you see why a 'Bronya boy' or Christmas boy is some sort of a necessity? Show off, fun, name it…

Even those with stable relationships always want one secretly. A ‘Bronya boy’ can make all your fantasies about Christmas come to pass. 

If it happens to go beyond the festive season, you have found love for the long haul, if not, well it was a ‘Bronya boy’ you set out to find so nothing to worry or cry over. Regardless, there are people who are married to their ‘Bronya boys’ so be careful in your search. 

For the females who would want a ‘Bronya boy’ this season, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Even those with stable boyfriends always wanted one.

So at this time, single sisters, especially, will set out again on the quest for a 'Bronya boy.' This boy would, however, be an illusion crush.

A Bronya boy is not meant to be broke, stingy or unavailable.

The whole point of getting a ‘Bronya boy’ is to show up everywhere in the city and beyond.  Showing up everywhere, would require someone who is not tired of chilling, someone with a lot of energy, who can chill every single day through the season. 

Also, someone who just loves to enjoy life and will be willing to spend on enjoying life – so he will not be stingy over the period. You see, having a broke, stingy and unavailable man, cannot be the ‘Bronya boy’ you crave. 

Don’t catch feelings for a ‘Bronya boy’ this season

This is the wrong time to be catching feelings. There are a lot of borgas (diasporans) in town. Some are only here for fun. Majority of them have wives and families where they are coming from. Why would you want to catch feelings, when the future is uncertain? A ‘Bronya boy’ is just for the season-don’t get it twisted.

Enjoy yourself, while he enjoys you. Take it easy and slow, if it goes beyond the season, then you can catch feelings, but for now, your only goal is to have fun, make sure you are not broken-hearted in the New Year when he goes back to his wife and family. 

Make sure you enjoy the season to the max

Yes, the purpose of having a ‘Bronya boy’, especially if you are single is to enjoy yourself without having to worry about which man to take along to the numerous events you’ll be attending so, once you find one, make sure you have the very best of fun this season.

Enjoy with caution

While you have all the fun with your ‘Bronya boy’, remember there will be life after this jolly season. If you live in Ghana, the prices of diapers and baby food are surging. Taking care of a child in this age comes with tons of expenses, you don’t want to be caught unprepared except that is part of your plans for having a ‘Bronya boy’, remember, they are just for the season and not for you to make unplanned babies with. Don’t complicate your life beyond the yuletide if you are not ready to take on such a huge responsibility – parenting.

Also, remember, HIV and AIDS is real. The essence of having a ‘Bronya boy’ is not to contract STDs and other sicknesses that will complicate human journey which is already a rollercoaster. It’s just a season. When it fades, you want to look back on the good times you had and savour the memories. You know what to do, enjoy cautiously.

Now if you are a female, and single, yet are unable to find a ‘Bronya boy’ this season, hey, it’s not the end of the world. You can still enjoy the season and plan properly for the next year – you may be lucky to find one next time.

Should you be lucky, keep your eyes open – ‘you for shine your eyes’. We have not ruled out entirely, your ‘Bronya boy’ becoming your Adam. We’re just saying be guarded. 

All the best to the sisters who will be enjoying the season with a ‘Bronya boy’. You can still find one if you are bent on getting one. You have a day…

Have the best of the season.

Glad tidings!

Source: Adiku