Thursday, 09 July

ACCOUNTABILITY: A must for the creative industry

Feature Article
Kojo Preko Dankwa


I am not here to destroy nor tarnish any company/institution’s image but sometimes we the gate keepers seems to lose focus whenever some major issue happens and needs proper scrutiny and solution once and for all.

I have heard and read on some portals about the opening of nominations for 2020 Vodafon Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). We saw the 20th edition marred with a lot of major disaster which put the country on the world map negatively. We never had any concrete evidence/report from the police and security as to what exactly happened and the possible solutions to these problems should it occur again. We are happy to organise another one without any proper resolutions and punishment for the organisers, yet we allowed them (Charterhouse) to punish the affected musicians and have left them to their fate in court.

I am amazed the way stakeholders allow such major incidents pass under the carpet and no one pressed upon to see the right thing happen. If Charterhouse was able to deal with artistes because they flouted their terms and conditions of the scheme, which institution also took Charterhouse (organisers & Board) to the cleaners? They were smart to activate their terms and conditions and sheepishly the system looked on and allowed the organisers the free range.

1- Who organised the event?

2- Who should have maintained security and safety of patrons?

3- Who should be punished other than the musicians?

4- Who was watches the watchman?

I remember when the organisers issued a press statement, they apologised to all and sundry, ministers, sponsors, international visitors and quickly said "Charterhouse and VGMA board would apply the right sanctions for the incident". They managed to execute it. I ask again what punishment was given to the organisers for lack of proper security arrangements etc.

The creative arts industry lack structural pillars to punish certain serious abnormalities. What stopped the ministry to institute an enquiry into the incident just as every ministry would do to correct abnormalities. The same industry is happy when investigations are done in other public sectors whenever there is a problem, yet we shy away from our own. Poor structures.

I remember my brother Mel Kwesi Davis an event expert tried to put all event organisers to form an association; Event Managers Association (EMAG). What happened is history. If such associations are powerful, strong sanctions would have gone for certain major lapses that happens in the area of Events. We were all happy when the following took place:

1- Medical and Dental Council sanctioned Dr Obeng -Andoh

2- Disciplinary committee of the General Legal Council dealt with lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu.

Why do we allow such weak systems to frustrate us? We are even waiting for a council/agency to be passed which cannot even bite to be established.

Kojo Preko Dankwa



Head, Accra fm.