Thursday, 24 June

Adongo to Adu Boahen: Stop avoiding the questions put to you

Feature Article
Minister of State-designate at the Ministry of Finance, Charles Adu Boahen


Did anyone accuse you of working in your company or involved in its day-to-day running?

The question is whether you own BlackStar Brokerage or not? As a beneficial owner of the company, you are the direct beneficiary of the profits of the company.

Then, you go telling stories about resigning from the company in 2017 and not being involved in its day-to-day running. Is that the issue at stake?

This style of responding to questions reminds me of the old school story of a student who was asked a question about agama lizard.

But because the student couldn't answer the question, he invented a story about the agama lizard living in a forest and then proceeded to write copiously about the forest.

It is a shame that Ken Ofori-Atta has made Ghana anaemic and still asking this "anaemic Ghana" to donate blood to itself, to make it healthier and fat.

They clearly want to draw our last blood and leave us to die.

The matter here is simple: just withdraw your companies from the borrowing business of the Ministry of Finance if you have any conscience.

Why is this so difficult for you to do?



Source: Isaac Adongo