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It's time to review the computerised school placement system (CSSPS) for SHS

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Computerized Senior Secondary Scholl Placement must be reviewed

Before the CSSPS was introduced in 2005, we all heard the arguments to change the manual system of school placement. 

Yes, we agreed that the system was flawed and needed changing, but after 18 years of this system, it's time to review it. 

The current system is not working and rather breeding extortion. 

Parents are looking for influential individuals and politicians to help them get their children to good schools. Something that should be automatic. 

Children should be rewarded for excellence and they should learn to compete for the best things in life.

After all, that is what life is about.

There is nothing wrong with Ivy League schools and top-tier schools. 

In the UK, there are grammar schools that only admit the top tier of clever students. 

Most countries have this system which is working very well. 

I believe that if a child chooses Opoku Ware School, for example, and gets seven 1's but is placed in a third-tier school, that wouldn’t be right! 

What do parents tell these kids as a motivator to do well in life? 

We are telling them that there is no reward for being the best in class. 

To this, I disagree. 

The CSSPS should place all kids who get up to aggregate 10, into the school they choose.

Then, when the tier-one schools are full, an aggregate 11+ can be placed in other schools.  

Our socialist thinking is pulling this country down. Life is not fair. No one said it is.

You do well, you get rewarded. It's as simple as that.

Let's teach these kids life skills because, in the end, that is what will make them succeed in life. 

A parent should not have to pay money or wait 7 hours to see the Minister after his/her child got seven 1's, just to be placed in a school of their choice.

We are dampening the competitive spirit of these kids at an early age. 

The experience of parents in the past 2 weeks should not be repeated next year. 

We demand changes to this system now. 

Our parliamentarians whose constituents are suffering should be at the forefront of asking for a review of this system.

Hon Minister of Education, please review and improve this system.

Let's reward smart kids, and encourage unclever ones.

They deserve it. 




Kwadwo Nsafoah Poku 


Source: Kwadwo Nsafoah Poku