Friday, 29 September

Jamz album: 'Your work must grow' beyond 'these amateurish rap lines' – KODOA admonishes Sarkodie

Feature Article
Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori-Atta is a social media activist

Hello Sarkodie,  

I am one of your greatest patrons, I admire your craft and growth pattern thus far. At this point, I can confidently say I stream your piece of art on iTunes so I pay for them. And that gives me the authority to criticise what I hear.  

Chief, if I have to be blunt and honest, I would have to tell you how your work must grow from these amateurish rap lines. Please, go deeper, move beyond this plateau comfort zones, pick some books and read to enhance your rap lines. Listen, any ardent follower of your craft can tell you, there are lines that feature in all your rap tunes. Get up boss, and stop telling us the same things you’ve been telling us for 20 years.  

If I were within your craft space, I would rather you leverage on your image, create an atmosphere that can form the basis for an invitation for these superstars in US to come to Ghana; use same image to rally promoters and fund these visits, you’d make money, build contacts, perform and make your name, and still be your landlord by leading these kids to the world.  

Chief, you must be the sacrifice like Isaac was for the Israelites.  

Kind Regards,  



Source: Benjamin