Friday, 12 August

Jobberman Ghana CV tips for job seekers

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Head of Human Resources at Jobberman Ghana, Freda Nana Embil

In a recent interview, the Head of Human Resources at Jobberman Ghana, Freda Nana Embil, shared some tips for job seekers looking to land their dream job.

Ms Embil advised job seekers to put more emphasis on their experience and qualifications above all else.

When asked about some red flags job seekers should know before applying for jobs, she said: "Job seekers should know how to put together an effective CV. There is some information that may be included on a CV that doesn't do much to increase the employability of job seekers."

Here are some of her top tips for CV writing:

●Put more emphasis on experience and qualifications rather than insignificant details

●Writing about career goals before sharing important information like experience and qualifications put job seekers at a disadvantage. These can be added at the latter part.

●Opt for a CV that summarises all their experience into a single page document.

"Recruiters are always on the hunt for new talents, people with fresh perspectives and ideas. Fresh graduates come into the job market with high optimism and potential and recruiters are always ready to help mould them into professionals," added Embil.

Jobberman Ghana's recent job seeker campaign, "#LevelUpWithJobberman" has a mission to connect and educate job seekers with opportunities in Ghana through digital means. In alignment with this mission, Jobberman Ghana will host a free webinar on the theme: "LIFE AFTER NATIONAL SERVICE" featuring a team of HR and Hiring experts.


Embil continued, "After graduation, the weary thought of what to do next haunts almost every graduate who is sometimes left more confused on life after national service without the proper guidance. Our upcoming webinar is just one of the ways we are educating and empowering graduates and job seekers with the knowledge to solve this issue and improve their chances in the job market."

Source: /Cecil Mensah