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Justin Kodua’s GHC40k Development Fee charge on MPs a case of arrogance of power

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Justin Frimpong Kodua

In an official statement released by General Secretary Justin Kodua Frimpong on December 11, 2023, it was announced that aspirants participating in the upcoming parliamentary primaries are required to pay a non-refundable Development Fee of Forty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC 40,000).

This decision has stirred discontent among incumbent members of parliament, stakeholders, and grassroots party members. Concerns have been raised regarding the seeming exploitative or lapse in judgment of the General Secretary's actions.

Some Critics argue that the General Secretary, since assuming office, has consistently demonstrated a lack of essential understanding of his role as the party's chief scribe. His perceived inexperience, arrogance and leadership deficiencies have led to apprehension among many party supporters, undermining the cohesive pursuit of the party's overarching goal of securing a third consecutive term.

Some observers attribute these challenges to both the General Secretary's perceived shortcomings and a perceived lack of leadership by the National Chairman in overseeing party affairs.

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Writer: Kofi Abrefa

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