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Kejefair 2021: Let your business become the next big disruptor

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When Small and Medium Enterprises understand the essence of branding, finance, taxation and public relations, the result is certainly an optimal business that rakes in not only profits but a maximised public relationship.

Information, the need for the Kejefair Business Seminar

In the lead up to the Kejefair Showcase slated for the 18th of December, the Kejefair Business Seminar was set up to enhance and empower businesses to reach their full potential.

The Kejefair Business Seminar took place on the 11th of December, 2021 at Ma’dell’s Kitchen – Abelemkpe. The seminar congregated over 60 vendors who are poised to exhibit their goods and services at Kejefair. The participants of the seminar were coached and mentored by industry personages in the fields of Public Relations, Taxation, Business and Digital Branding, Banking and Finance. Kejefair recognized that a gap existed in the technical aspect of business with regards to the vendors they had engaged. In lieu of this, Kejefair set up the seminar as a platform to not only educate their vendors but also promote community, networking and mentorship.

The seminar speakers

For Public Relations, the participants were instructed by Media and Public Relations Consultant Mr Kofi Asamoah.

“I have worked with most of the telcos in Ghana,” he said. “Sometimes a Telco will make a campaign not because they need to increase their margins but because they want to take attention off their competitors. That is visibility being created right there- Brand Repertoire.”

He took the participants through interactive exercises where they identified rifts in their business image and how best to improve public perception of their business.

Branding and Business Coach Miss, Afia Twumwaa Baffour covered the importance of Strategic Branding and Customer Engagement.

“You need to know that you are your brand and your brand reflects you and anything you do,” she stated.

An entrepreneur herself, Miss Afia Twumwaa Baffour took the participants through some tips and easy-to-do hacks which would propel their brands and cultivate a market niche.

She added that the most vital aspect of branding is consistency and community- constantly engage your market and grow a relationship that builds your brands right into their lives.

Banking and Finance Expert Madam Gertrude Afriyie has first-hand experience dealing with kickstarting and growing SMEs. She lectured the participants on the importance of having a relationship with a bank, common financial mistakes many businesses make and the ‘Dos’ that assure they stay equitable.

“Banks bridge the gap between distance customers and access to funds. Banks also serve as buffers against exchange rates, which have been soaring even more so since the Covid pandemic,” she advised. “This is the time, if you never thought of it before, to engage a bank so you don’t suffer losses from exchange rates beyond your control.”

She also highlighted digital banking services geared towards SMEs and how to keep stock of expenses and financial deliverables. 

Mr Ranford Wuaku was the seminar’s Taxation Speaker. With close to a decade of service with the Ghana Revenue Authority addressed many misconceptions a lot of businesses in Ghana have about taxation and what the Ghana Revenue Authority does. He oriented the entrepreneurs on the importance of paying taxes as well as the exemptions available to small and medium enterprises. He ended the seminar by registering participants with the Ghana Revenue Authority. 

Strategically empowered entrepreneurs are the future of the Ghanaian economy

Despite economic challenges faced by the Ghanaian government, local companies and entrepreneurs, the future is not bleak for the country’s economy. Commitment and strategy are the best affirming means to ensure economic growth and digital platforms are one sure way of doing this. Kejefair is committed to enabling, promoting and empowering multi-generational entrepreneurs to get their businesses represented and recognised not only in Ghanaian markets but beyond.

Kejefair 2021

The participants are expected to practice what they have been oriented on come this Saturday 18th December 2021 at Kejefair.

The maiden edition of Kejefair is set to showcase over 60 entrepreneurs and social media influencers from the industries of beauty, food, entertainment and fast-moving consumer goods On the 18th of December 2021 at the Odade3 Alumni & Mentorship Centre (Presec – Legon).

KejeYank, the organising body, is pleased to bring Snapchat pop-up market space Kejefair to the Odade3 Alumni & Mentorship Centre (Presec – Legon) on the 18th of December, 2021. The trade show will include appearances from A-List celebrities, social media influencers and music performances from popular artistes.

Kejefair is a trade show that leverages social media to spur brand enhancement through the participation of online businesses, consumers, investors, brand ambassadors, social media influencers and other stakeholders.

Source: Kejefair