Thursday, 04 June

Money wisdom series: Monetising your talent, hobby and Passion

Feature Article
Jerry J. Afolabi

Cristiano Ronaldo, Cr7 is the admiration of the world today and the best score/football player on the planet. He just didn’t rise to fame and dominance in the world of football but it took him years of training, hardwork, consistence, persistence, perseverance, determination, strong will power, brevity, boldness and focus to achieve and get the admiration of people across the globe.

A talent not served cannot yield result and this is the fundamental problem why millions across the globe are financial stressed and not happy at what they do. A lot more people have just not discovered/found or realised that God given talent/gift or what they are passionate about to train, learn and develop it so they can monetise it for benefits.

On the other hand, most people I have engaged who have discovered their talent /passion do not even know or believe they can do anything with it. I always advice people to take a minute and think about all the successful and prominent names they know, they are people who love what they do, most of them it’s their hobby or talent they have turned into business and that has made them very successful, given them fame and recognition both locally and globally.

Take Away: Discover your Talent, Work hard and train, be consistent and bold, with specific goals and with practice you can become financially free when you monetise what you love doing.

What you need to know to monetise your talent/passion

Turn your Talent/Hobby and Passion into a product or service

Train/learn add knowledge and practice to grow your talent/hobby and passion

Build/connect with a network of people with similar talent/hobby and passion to learn more to become better at what you love doing

Find the fault line of your talent/hobby and passion and seek help to mitigate its effect on your growth

Start small, be patient and consistent and WORK HARD

You will fail and fall but when you fail start again

The world is not interested in your struggle but your success, KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL

Accept criticisms and be humble

Lastly, give back to humanity.

Source: Jerry J. Afolabi