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The lowdown: Sarkodie’s ‘Landlord’

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'Landlord' was released on Saturday, December 31, 2022

Rapper Sarkodie on the last day of 2022, Saturday, December 31, released a new song titled ‘Landlord’.

The name is one given to him by fans to acknowledge his status as Ghana and Africa’s most celebrated rap artiste.

The Possigee-produced piece was released with a lyric video on YouTube.

The lyrics are written in glowing green letters reminiscent of the Matrix trilogy. In the background is an image of a contemplative Sarkodie in suit, pupils to the left and looking down with puckered lips – he is upset but composed, and does not raise his voice, as he spits (raps) predominantly in English with a bit of Twi and Pidgin.

Before he got to the main topic, he first established his supremacy by underscoring his long reign as a music superstar whose momentum is not slacking.

“[This thing] is amazing, I still got it

Man, I am addicted to winning, it’s like a [bad] habit

You don’t think it’s magic? You want me to pull [out, from a hat] a rabbit?

[Very] long journey, now my people think about it

I started rapping when all [of] you were stuck in the womb

[It’s been like] a million years [and I’m] still the highest the room.”

Obidiponbidi, his alias when he first came to public notice, announced a siesta, which according to him will not be stretched so as not to leave fans worried. Even if it does, he is confident, he will have an explosive return as was typified with his 2018 ‘Can’t Let You Go’.

“I gotta take a break [but] don’t worry I’m coming [back] soon

Anytime they say I am archaic then boom.”

The founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of SarkCess music, who is openly of a Christian tilt, pointed to God and hardwork as the source of his success. 

“It’s not an easy road, I thank God

I put in a lot of work so they call me the Landlord.”

A father of two with his wife Tracy, he has certainly seen and helped a child toddle. He pulled a metaphor from the experience to explain his role as the ‘Landlord’; helping many musicians secure hits and make a name; serving as an undying inspiration for many stars – all the while trying not to lose his grip on modesty.

“The position I play I can’t talk

I’m a big bro [so, I] gotta help [those] who can’t walk

I’m the biggest inspiration to your favourite rapper

I ain’t trying to be cocky, face it, I do it proper.”

The legend, the mogul and the father turned his attention to disciplining one of his juniors who took a clever swipe at him recently. South Africa’s Nasty C in November 2022 claimed that twice he refused the Ghanaian star a feature he had requested for. According to him, he did it out of childish spite because he was hurt. He explained he had previously been snubbed by Obidi when he tried to shake his hand in public. Nasty said he was then not of note and vowed to retaliate when he finally made a name and became “the man.”

In addressing him, it is interesting to note Sarkodie categorically said, though he does not feel too big to request for a feature, he has never asked Nasty C for one. He does not even seem to regret not shaking C's hand as alleged. With that said, he acknowledged the younger star for being cunning and using fabrications (traditionally called a lie) to creatively gain public respect in true Hiphop fashion. Sarkodie admitted to also using the tactic in his career.

“I heard a young champ is hurt, I’m sorry

But anytime you meet the highest all you need is just a marker

Grab an autograph and get the out

I ain’t gotta shake your hand so you can walk out

And [just] so you know, it’s not me

Maybe you’re fighting your own ego

Maybe a couple of things you gotta sort out

See, I ain’t got no pride to reach out to nobody

I love that [guy]; your ego is so baggy

[I’ll be] the biggest hypocrite acting like I don’t cap [lie, because] we all do

It’s like I’m crashing my own party

Don’t get it twisted, I’m still a fan

But don’t you get carried away I’m still the man

I never reached out hommie

But I know what you’re doing; such a smart [move] – touching a god is part of the plan, huh?

That [thing] is old but still work[s]

This [is] like Jay [Z] responding to Lil Durk

This [is] the price you pay when you swallow the pill first

Again, I’m sorry just in case you’re still hurt."

In 2020, Sarkodie endorsed President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for reelection because of the worth of the ‘Free Secondary High School Education’ policy, a flagship of the current administration. The rap song by which said endorsement was made, ‘Happy Day,’ became as controversial as it was a hit, and he received much bashing for it. Two years after, he is unrepentant, and doubled down on the thought. He is in fact ready to die on this hill.

“[For] lack of knowledge, my people perish

[Between] politics [and] reality, what do you cherish?

“Nana, toaso [continue],” I believed it when I said [because]

[The] Free Education [policy] helped me

So yeah, it deserves some credit

But as soon as some people heard it

[It] turned into politics, fabricating propaganda [as the] opposition spread it

I [often] ask myself if I regret it

Nah, if they wanna kill me then I’m ready.”

Revealing the main reason behind the surprise release, the two-time BET award winner called out corrupt politicians for keeping the citizenry in destitution for their benefit. He charged that crime by the citizenry is inspired by the leaders and their profiteering actions.

“Now, back to the main topic

I [wouldn’t have] talked but I said [to myself, I don’t care]

I only speak when I’m moved; I’m like a prophet

As the people suffer the government profits

So when will you people stop it?

Anyone who robs takes inspiration and learns from politicians.”

While hitting hard at politicians, he threw a quick jab at the host of the Loud Silence programme and social commentator Kevin Taylor. Sarkodie adopted Kevin’s style of addressing issues: insults and controversial allegations as he served him a taste of his own medicine.  

“The insults are from [a characteristic] foolishness

So man shut your useless mouth up because the opposition pays your bills

So now tell me how it feels.”

To conclude the 2 minute and 43 second song, the rapper born Michael Owusu Addo cautioned the citizens of Ghana who are part of the electorate to be wary of lying politicians who will use gifts and sweet-talk to secure votes only to leave them scammed after their victory after the polls.

“Election time is coming

They are coming to give you rice and oil for your votes

They’ll come in t-shirts to come plead with you

After they secure victory, they’ll get a V8 [vehicle] and don a coat

The same episode.”


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