Saturday, 01 April

We can't continue doing the same things and expect a change as a country – Sam Ankrah

Feature Article
Dr Sam Ankrah

It is amazing, that after 63 years of Independence and counting...with all the resources available to us, Ghana is still going through her foundation years similar to what some successful nations accomplished.

We will and are being confronted with examples of incompetence, non-listening and myopic governance, etc.

However, be assured through this pain, agony, and despair the learning curve of Ghanaians regarding the statecraft of governance will at some point lean towards a structure for a better and accountable government.

The timing may not be known, either now or shortly or far away future. 

However, it will happen regardless. 

The frustration and disappointments of the people will erupt sooner rather than later to make this happen as it has always happened in the history of all successful nations.

We may desire for such an occurrence to happen sooner rather than later but the clock of nation-building is inherent in the DNA of its citizens to determine their desire for progress, fairness, and justice. 

That is why I make a solemn duty call to this generation.

We may stay aloof, follow the status quo and let the next generation pick up the mantle or we will roll up our sleeves and move into action...

Of course, it will not be an easy task to change the status quo.

We will be muddied, character assassinated, or even risk life threats. 

But should we be bothered?

Nature is such that it always creates an opportunity to cause a change, a total overhaul not the usual cosmetic work. We can't keep doing the same old stuff and expert change.

The time is now to get involved or forever hold your peace and not criticise the rot in government, the mismanagement, thievery, nepotism, the abuse of power, etc.

Actionable change has come, be part of it.





Source: Dr Sam Ankrah