Monday, 17 June

Maame Krobo Nkwanta: Two headless bodies of herdsmen found in the bush

Blurred beheaded body in a bush

The unsettling discovery of two headless bodies in Maame Krobo Nkwanta, a community in Ghana's Afram Plains South District, has plunged residents into a state of fear.

The victims, identified as herdsmen, were found with gunshot wounds and signs of mutilation, heightening concerns of potential revenge attacks. 

The bodies were discovered in a nearby bush by the brother of one of the deceased.

While the exact circumstances of these horrific murders remain unclear, the police have quickly moved in to gather evidence and launch an investigation. 

Authorities are now patrolling the area and have called for additional reinforcements to maintain peace and prevent any further violence.

The community is on edge, grappling with the fear of what might come next as they await answers and justice for the victims.