Saturday, 13 July

You’ve brought peace, sanity to Bole, Ghana: Bolewura to Dampare

IGP Dr Dampare in the presence of the Bole Overlord

The Overlord of the Bole traditional area says peace and security has been restored to Bole and its environs since Dr George Akuffo Dampare took over the leadership of the police service. 

According to him, the traditional area became notorious for illegal killings and robberies but since Dr Dampare became the Inspector General of Police (IGP) such crimes have ceased.

He noted ‘the psychology’ around the IGP has impacted the whole country.

“The psychology surrounding you has affected us all. You administration has brought calm to Bole traditional area. In the past, robberies and illegal killings were rampant but since you took over it’s no more,” the paramount chief noted.

The IGP paid a courtesy call on him at his palace today, Monday, May 29, 2023, as part of his tour of the Savanna region.

He further noted “Bole used to be in the news all the time for illegal killings but since Dr Dampare took over the police service, sanity has been pumped into the society. May the able Allah grease your elbows to do more for bringing peace and security into the country."

"If I want to comment on your work, we shall sit here till tomorrow,” the Bole Overlord further eulogised.

Dr Dampare on his part assured the paramount chief that he and his team of officers will continue to work to resolve all outstanding security concerns in the area.